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 +====== Workflow Permissions ======
 +The Workflow Permissions section is used to control which user groups can perform which actions.  This administrative section is important because users will be unable to use any of the actions defined in the [[adminhelp:workflowapprovals:workflowactions:workflowactions|Workflow Actions]] administrative section unless they have been given permission to use the action(s) here. \\ 
 +Defining these permissions can be done in two ways, through **Actions Permissions** or **User Group Permissions**. The default is the **Actions Permissions**.  Under Actions Permissions, each individual action is displayed and the user groups that are allowed to perform each action are displayed in the User Groups column. \\ \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:permission.jpg }}  
 +;#;//Action Permissions// ;#;
 +Click the {{Wiki::workflowpermissionsb2.png}}   or {{Wiki::workflowpermissionsb3.png}}   symbol by each item to add/modify the user groups that are allowed to perform that action. On the next screen, select the user groups that are allowed to perform each action, and uncheck the user groups that are not allowed to perform the particular action and click **Save**. \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:editaactions.jpg }}  
 +;#;//Modifying Actions Permissions// ;#;
 +The other way to set Workflow Permissions is through User Group Permissions. User Group Permissions can be accessed by clicking the **by User Group** button by **List Permissions**: at the top of the Workflow Permissions screen. \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:listtype.jpg }}  
 +;#;//Modifying workflow permissions by User Group// ;#;
 +Under User Group Permissions, each individual user group is displayed and the actions that the user groups are allowed to perform are displayed under the User Groups column. \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:permissionusertype.jpg }} 
 +===== User Groups Permissions =====
 +Click the {{Wiki::workflowpermissionsb7.png}}   or  {{Wiki::workflowpermissionsb8.png}}  symbol to add/modify the actions that the particular user group (on the left) is allowed to perform. On the next screen select all the actions that the particular user group will be allowed to perform and click **Save**. \\ 
 +{{ Wiki::workflowpermissionsb9.png }}  
 +;#;//Adding actions to a user group//;#; 
 +Take a look at a section of the Workflow Permissions (by Actions Permissions) for SMB computer store. \\ 
 +{{ Wiki::workflowpermissionsb10.png }}  
 +;#;//Workflow Permissions for SMB computer store// ;#;
 +With the following Workflow Actions set, {{ workflowapprovals:workflowactions.jpg }}  \\ 
 +;#;//Open-Open action for SMB computer store// ;#;
 +Consider John Smith in Sales and Jane Smith in Sales Management, without any restraining conditions set, both John and Jane would have access to the Edit, History actions, John would have access to the New Revision action and Jane would have access to the Reassign action (based on the Actions Permissions for their respective user groups). \\ 
 +On the user side, as expected, John sees all the actions his user group (Sales) is allowed to see, but he does not see the Reassign action. \\ \\  
 +{{ Wiki::workflowpermissionsb12.png }}
 +;#; //Cart Actions for John Smith (Sales)// ;#;
 +Jane also sees all the actions her user group (Sales Management) is allowed to see, but she does not see the New Revision action her group is not set up to see.\\  
 +{{ Wiki::workflowpermissionsb13.png }}  
 +;#;//Cart Actions for Jane Smith (Sales Manager)// ;#;
 +So even though Workflow Actions may be customized based on the status of the quote, workflow actions can still be further customized using Workflow Permissions and conditions.  
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