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User administration API XML Details: 48 Hits
====== User administration API XML Details ====== <USERNAME> * This node is required. * This node... red username. * If this node is missing and the API is adding a new user, the API call will fail and ... o the caller. * If this node is missing and the API is updating an existing user, the existing user's username will remain as it was before the API call. * If this field is left blank, the API call w
New Quote Details: 38 Hits
te will not be created and the result sent to the API caller will contain the reason for the API call’s... te will not be created and the result sent to the API caller will contain the reason for the API call’s... te will not be created and the result sent to the API caller will contain the reason for the API call’s... te will not be created and the result sent to the API caller will contain the reason for the API call’s
REST API Authentication: 20 Hits
====== REST API Authentication ====== All SAP CPQ REST APIs are stateful except the following endpoints... h are stateless (no session): * /setupSpa/ * /api/v1/admin/files * /api/v1/health * /api/v1/Maintenance * /api/v1/quote/ * /api/scim <note>Methods available for REST APIs are listed and descr... for responsive design APIs. If you are calling an API from a SAP CPQ page using JavaScript, no addition
Script Workbench: 16 Hits
the first link “Open in new window” will open the API explorer in a new window. API explorer is a helpful reference on Scripting API for CPQ administrators. Clicking on the link “Open”, API explorer will be open next to the workbench window. “API explorer” represents a helpful Scripting reference with ... when executing them. Note that in this mode, many API objects are not available since you are able to o
CPQ API error codes: 15 Hits
====== CPQ API error codes ====== \\ ^Error Code^Error Message^ |**General API error codes**|| |100000... upplied| ^Error Code^Error Message^ |**New Quote API**|| |100011|Invalid customer role supplied. Allow... rror Code^Error Message^ |**Users administrations API**|| |103002|Approving parent user not found in CP... r Code^Error Message^ |**Customers administration API**|| |104003|Customer delete failed| |104004|Savin
ages\\ The Simple Product Administration SAP CPQ API can maintain simple products in SAP CPQ, and it’s... ts to some extent. Note that the current SAP CPQ API does not permit the creation of more complex conf... be supported when using the ProductAdministration API to create and update products in SAP CPQ. Note th... The Attribute type container can be created over API call, and the system will be able to add an attri
Application Parameters: 14 Hits
mins to enter the Badgeville private key used for API calls. * **Badgeville Public Key**: enables ad... password is changed in the application or via the API. ===== Product Catalog ===== The following list ... ent is sent.\\ * **When Creating Quotes through API, shipping method is required**: defines whether Users creating Quotes through API have to include a shipping method.\\ * **When Creating Quotes thr
SAP CPQ API: 14 Hits
ns r> {{:link.png|}} <newcolumn l> ====== SAP CPQ API ====== </columns> <WRAP container 99%> <WRAP titl... rialsfromerp_soap_api|ImportMaterialsFromERP SOAP API]] </WRAP> </WRAP> SAP CPQ API allows external ap... formation after an order has been placed, SAP CPQ API can be used to update a quote with shipping infor... URL, estimated shipping date, and so on. SAP CPQ API supports quote updates, quote actions execution ,
Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing: 14 Hits
de the root SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing API URLs. The root URL pattern is: //%%https://appnam... URL of configuration services. See the {{|... oints}} for the configuration root URL in the SAP API Business Hub. \\ - **Pricing Base URL**: the root URL of pricing services. See the {{|sample endpoints
API for Content Upload: 8 Hits
====== API for Content Upload ====== The API for content upload enables a streamlined management of ima... nistrator who could upload it to SAP CPQ. The new API allows the designer to upload the content to a ce... etects the changes, the content is pushed via the API to SAP CPQ. ---- <note>The API is tenant specific... sting and new SAP CPQ tenants. To turn on/off the API, use the application parameter **Enable API For C
SAP Subscription Billing Integration: 7 Hits
====== SAP Subscription Billing Integration ====== Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Subscription Billing allows you to conduct subscription-based business, which is gaining prominence in today’s economy. \\ This integration uses SAP Cloud Platform Integration as middleware for communicating data across the systems. \\ * [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_subscription_billing_integration:prerequisites|Prerequisites]] * [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_subscription_billing_integration:setup_adjustments_on_the_sap_cpq_side|Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side]] * [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_subscription_billing_integration:basic_integration_scenario|Basic Integration Scenario]] * [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_subscription_billing_integration:creating_a_subscription_product|Creating a Subscription Product]] * [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_subscription_billing_integration:setting_the_charges_for_the_rate_plan_template|Setting the Values for Rate Plan Template Charges]] * [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_subscription_billing_integration:using_a_subscription_product_on_the_user_side|Using a Subscription Product on the User Side]] * [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_subscription_billing_integration:quote_item_fields_on_subscription_products|Quote Item Fields on Subscription Products]] * [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:document_generation:document_generation_tags:sap_subscription_billing_integration_tags|SAP Subscription Billing Integration Tags]] * [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:quote_fields_and_calculations:calculations_for_sap_subscription_billing_integration|Calculations for SAP Subscription Billing Integration]] * [[limitsandtroubleshooting:limitations#SAP Subscription Billing Integration Limitations|SAP Subscription Billing Integration Limitations]] Information about the %%API%% used in this integration is available in the following topics: * [[appendixd:quote_api|Quote API]] * [[appendixd:rate_plans_api|Rate Plans API]] * [[appendixd:product_api|Product API]]
Audit Trail Logs: 7 Hits
rformed either directly in the application or via API. Any logged information can be found in the fo... ecurity** > **View/Export PII** (changes made via API are not logged) * **General** > **Tabs** ... tion** > **Define Asset Table** (changes made via API are not logged) * **CRM Integration** > **Cus... ** > **Approval Auto Reminder** (changes made via API are not logged) * **UI Design** > **Product D
Quote API: 7 Hits
===== Quote API ===== %%URL%%: /api/v1/quote \\ Method: GET \\ Input parameters:  * **quoteNumber*... * **includeTables**: default: true, true if the %%API%% response should contain quote tables content ... *includeCustomers**: default: true, true if the %%API%% response should contain details about quote cus... cation: * Basic * OAuth\\ Schema: * [[appendixd:quote_api:quote_api_schema|Quote API Schema]]
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