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 +====== Conditional Statements ======
 +Conditional statements are an integral part of CPQ modeling and
 +configuration. These statements can be used in any part of CPQ. This
 +includes product modeling areas, such as rules, hidden calculations,
 +labels, pricing expression, attribute descriptions, etc; workflow areas,
 +such as approval rules, discounting rules, visibility rules, actions
 +conditions, etc; and any other area of CPQ that has an area for input.
 +Conditional statements are written in an "IF" format:
 +[If](//condition//){//expression if true//}{//expression
 +if false –note this is optional//}[ENDIF]
 +A basic statement must have a beginning [IF] tag that ends with an
 +[ENDIF] tag. The condition area must contain an expression that will
 +resolve to true or false. If true then any expression in the first set of
 +curly brackets will be used or performed, depending on what is included.
 +If the condition statement is false then any expression in the second set
 +of curly brackets will be used or performed. Since the second set of
 +curly brackets is optional, though, if they are not used when a statement
 +is false then no action will be performed.
 +<note>Standard mathematical and programming operators such as >, <,
 +=, = cannot be used in conditional statements. CPQ uses its own
 +operators to perform these actions.
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