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 +====== GI Tags ======
 +^**Tag **^**Description **^
 +|**<*setGI(key,value)*> **|Sets Global Info value in a map with key |
 +|**<*GI(keyV)*> **|gets Global Info from global cashe under key, evaluates to null if there is no info under key |
 +|**<*GI*> **|Sets Global Info value in a map |
 +|**<*remGI(key)*> **|Removes key |
 +|**<*clearGI*> **|Removes all globals |
 +|**<*TESTGI(keyValue)*> **|returns 1 if GI(keyValue) is defined else returns 0 purpose: it is more convinient to test for the existence of a variable before using it in calculations/conditions |
 +|**<*GI(CUSTOMERID)*> **|Return Customer ID |
 +|**<*getAttNumVal(attribute name)*>**|Read attributes numeric value directly from the database (from the cart items table) |
 +|**<*GI(QUOTESTATUS)*>**|Returns information about Quote Status. If the quote is not yet created then ‘default status’ (order status marked as default) will be returned. If a user changes the status of a quote and performes an action that is not marked as autoreconfigure, GI(QUOTESTATUS) will remain unchanged. |
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