Functional Tags

Conditions [CONDITION,...]

Standalone conditions are used to control if section of a document will be displayed or not. Conditions are processed after all the other tags have been processed. Using conditions may slow down a performance if large number of conditions are used to determine in the end if one section is displayed or not. On the left side is a tag whose value will be compared and on the right side is list of values to compare with. Values are separated by “|” Conditions always use “OR” logic. To check if value is equal use ”=” and if not equal use ”!”. Typical example of condition is : [CONDITION,«Q_QP(my property)»=golf|soccer|basketball] Any static text or tables or tags [CONDITION_END]

EVAL [EVAL(...)]

EVAL takes the content passed to it and treats it as a VBScript call. It evaluates the vbscript call and inserts the result. Typicial use of EVAL is to Format a number or to remove certain characters. One key thing to note when writing EVAL is that if typed directly in Word, if you enter any quotation marks (”) Word actually uses two different for open quote and end quote. Since those characters are not what vbscript is expecting, it would cause it to not evaluate the statement. The best approach is to typ the statement in Notepad and copy and paste it to Word. Notepad will use the correct ”. TO remove ”,” from a price 12,345.99 returned by «C_PRICE» : [EVAL(Replace(+~:
<$$C_PRICE»”,”,”,””))] In the above example «C_PRICE» will be processed first resulting in [EVAL(Replace(“12,345,99”,”,”,””))]. After EVAL is processed it will return 12345.99

HTML [HTML(...)]

HTML tag takes the content and interprets is as HTML and inserts it in the document. For example, [HTML(<<C_DESC>>)] . If <<C_DESC>> returns <a href=“”>Webcom, Inc.</a>, the link will be inserted in the document. One caveat when using HTML tag is that if there is any text efore or after it, HTML content will be inserted in a new paragraph right before it. For example: text before - [HTML(<<C_DESC>>)] - text after. Will result in: html returned content text before - - text after.

To include static taxt and have it on same line, just simply put it inside HTML tag. [HTML(text before - <<C_DESC>> - text after)]

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