Requests and Examples

The content upload API is a REST API. You can use these methods to send requests via the API:

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT

Depending on the content you wish to manage, use one of the following in the URL request:

  • productimage
  • attributeimage
  • categoryimage
  • quoteactionimage
  • customimage
  • contentfile


When making a GET request, add the file name after the file type:


The image below shows a request for creating files via the API:


You can create/update multiple files at once or update one individual file via the API.

The API returns the same response for POST and PUT requests:

To update one file via the PUT request, state the file name in the request after the file type.


State in the request the name of the file you wish to delete:

An appropriate message will inform you of the success of each request.

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