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 |SF_UnableToCastField|Field : <nowiki> {{fieldName}} </nowiki> can not be converted to number| |SF_UnableToCastField|Field : <nowiki> {{fieldName}} </nowiki> can not be converted to number|
 |LX_LoadingConfiguration|Error loading configuration| |LX_LoadingConfiguration|Error loading configuration|
-^Error Code^Error Message^ 
-|**Siebel OnDemand (SOD) API**|| 
-|SOD_NoCRMAdminAccount|Administrative COD account is not set up. Please contact your CPQ administrator| 
-|SOD_LoginUnsuccessful|Login to SOD webservice with provided parameters failed| 
-|SOD_LoginUnsuccessfulWithCRMAdminAccount|Login to COD web service with administrative account failed| 
-|SOD_LogoffUnsuccessful|Logoff failed| 
-|SOD_MissingRoleForOpportunityAccount|Opportunity cannot be created because the customer role that is used for creating Opportunity Account is empty| 
-|SOD_NewQuoteForOpptyMissingOpptyId|Unknown Opportunity - missing OpportunityId| 
 ^Error Code^Error Message^ ^Error Code^Error Message^
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