Create new quote and get quote data - Input Parameters

  • Api parameters username/password identifies the API user.
  • Owner API parameter defines username or the owner of a newly created quote.
  • Based on Product/ItemPrice XML the node system will calculate discounts and check for discounting rules on main items only – not on line items.
TagData TypeDescriptionRequiredComments
usernameString (50)Valid username and valid tenant separated by # sign. (username#tenat)Yes
passwordString (50)Valid SAP CPQ password provided for the username provided in the username elementYes
ownerString (50)Username of the cart ownerNoIf not provided then the username will be the owner of the cart.
inputXmlString (8000)Input XML object in a form of a stringYesXML needs to arrive HTML encoded. Otherwise bad request message would be returned
attributeNamesList of stringsInput XML object in a form of a stringYesIf not provided then the quote will be created, but the error message will be displayed.

Data Definition for New Quote input XML

Field NameDescriptionSample DataTypeSize
MarketCodeCode of the MarketUSDText25
ShippingMethodName of the Shipping methodFedEx International PriorityText100
ShippingPricePrice for the shipping method125Text10
TaxExemptTax Exempt. 1Boolean3
Possible values: True, False, 1, 0
CartCommentCart Comment Text1000
PromoCodePromo code Text50
CRM/[ApplyMappings]“1” for “Yes/True”TRUEUnsigned Byte
0 for “No/False” (Default if omitted)
CRM/OpportunityIdCRM Opportunity id892ADE6756HIXText50
CRM/OpportunityNameCRM Opportunity name“TEST OPPORTUNITY”Text250
Items/ItemItem node
QuantityItem Quantity1Text5
CatalogueCodeCatalog CodeA2223BText50
ProductNameProduct NameA screwdriver +, type 1Text255
ItemPricePrice per one item100Text10
Items/Item/Attributes/AttributeAtrribute node
NameAttribute nameSerialNumberText50
ValueAttribute valueSN1234Text50
Property/NameCart custom field (property) nameProject CodeText50
Property/ValueCart custom field (property)Value555Text100
Customers/CustomerCustomer node
[CustomerRoleType]1 for Bill to
2 for Ship to
3 for End user
1Unsigned Byte
IdID from SAP CPQ12345Text20
ExternalIdExternal ID (not from SAP CPQ)1Text20
FirstNameFirst NameHarryText100
LastNameLast NameBruceText100
CompanyCompany NameWebcomText100
Address1The first address8601 RR 2222 Text 100
Address2The second addressxxxText100
CityCityAustin Text100
StateAbbrevState (2 chars)TXText2
ZipCodeZip Code78730Text10
CountryAbbrevCountry (3 chars)USAText3
TerritoryNameTerritory NameNorth AmericaText100
BusinessPhonePhone Number Text100
BusinessFaxFax Number Text100
EMailEmail address Text100
CRMAccountIdCRM Contact ID Text100
CRMContactIdCRM Account ID Text100
Cart → PREVENT_EMPTY_QUOTEAttribute to prevent empty quote. This attribute is optional. Text100

Simple XML Example

(for complex XML take a look at the New Quote Method (New Quote Input XML example))

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