Customer Updating Rules

If an existing customer is being updated (via AddOrUpdate or via Update action) the updating works as follows:

  1. After search returned an unique customer, it is being loaded from database.
  2. Customer data that is deserialized from input XML will be used to update existing customer data.
  3. If a node (field) in input XML is left blank (empty), it will erase existing CPQ customer's corresponding field's value. I.e. If you provide nothing for <FirstName> node, the existing customer's first name will be set to blank.
  4. If a node (field) in input XML is completely left over, it will not update the corresponding existing customer's field. I.e. If you omit <FirstName> node from input XML, the existing customer will preserve its original first name.
  5. If you try to erase some field's value (by providing empty node in input XML), and that field is a required field, updating of current customer will fail, the customer's input XML will be added to error results, and the API will move on to deserialize and update next customer from input XML.
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