Custom Table Administration Execution Workflow

- The supplied username and password are checked for security reasons, if check fails, the API call will fail.
- Columns’ names are deserialized. If required action is CREATETABLE the table name and columns’ names are checked. If any contains blank spaces, or anything except alphanumeric signs, the API call will fail. For any other action provided columns’ names are compared with provided table columns (in database). If they don’t match, the API call will fail.
- If a number of provided rows exceeds allowed value for provided action, the API call will fail.
- If length of provided values exceeds column’s size, the Api call will fail.
- If action is CREATETABLE, when new table is created, primary auto increment key ‘CpqTableEntryId’ is added to the table.
- If action isn’t CretateTable Row nodes are deserialized from input XML.
- Provided action is performed.
- When the required action is performed for all provided rows, the result XML will be returned.

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