Integration With ResponsAbility

ResponsAbility/SAP CPQ Integration will allow you to use the Ask An Expert feature in SAP CPQ. Ask An Expert allows SAP CPQ users to easily request help when configuring a quote, get expert help, and collaborate with other users on quote configuration.

In order to use Ask An Expert feature you have to perform setup in both ResponsAbility and SAP Sales Cloud CPQ.


To setup SAP CPQ integration go to Setup»Tools»Integrations»CallidusCloud CPQ and fill in following parameters:

Receiver Url - Path to receiver.htm page. Path must be in following format: The Receiver.htm page is used for communication between SAP Sales Cloud CPQ and ResponsAbility. This is the only required parameter you have to provide.

Link for Ask An Expert Widget - This parameter determines the title for the link that will be embedded into SAP Sales Cloud CPQ. If you are not sure what to use for a name, you can leave it default.

After filling in the above parameters, click the Save button. The generated code that you will need to paste into the SAP Sales Cloud CPQ Setup below will then appear.

By setting up the SAP Sales Cloud CPQ integration section, the following will be automatically be created and configured in that tenant of ResponsAbility:

  1. Ask An Expert workflow (Setup»Workflows»Workflows)
  2. Permissions for accessing cases in the workflow (Setup»Permissions»Case Visibility Permissions)
  3. Ask An Expert project with permissions set for Guest and All ResponsAbility users (Setup»Projects»Projects)
  4. Ask An Expert Case Creation Widget (Setup»Widgets & Pages»Case Creation Widgets)
  5. Ask An Expert Case List (Setup»Widgets & Pages»Case List Widgets)
  6. Screen for viewing/editing cases (Setup»Workflows»Customize Workflow»Ask an Expert)
  7. Notifications for cases (Setup»Notifications»Default)

Of course, all of the above can be personalized according to your needs in ResponsAbility Setup.

SAP Sales Cloud CPQ

To setup Ask an Expert from SAP CPQ, in your SAP Sales Cloud CPQ tenant go to Setup»General»Application Parameters»Configurator tab and fill in following parameters:

ResponsAbility Ask an expert link - Paste here generated code from the ResponsAbility SAP Sales Cloud CPQ integration section. This code will embed the Ask An Expert link into each product configuration.

ResponsAbility encript key - This is encryption key that will be used for a secure communication between SAP Sales Cloud CPQ and ResponsAbility. Please enter the following 16-digit key: 1234567890123456.

ResponsAbility tenant - Your ResponsAbility tenant(domain) name.

ResponsAbility URL - URL for accessing ResponsAbility. Enter following:

HTTPS is optional, but will ensure a secure communication with ResponsAbility from SAP CPQ.

Click the Save button.

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