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 + {{indexmenu_n>4005}}
 +===== Input XML Example for EXPORTROWS action =====
 +<code XML>
 +  <Columns>
 +    <Column>PartNumber</Column>
 +  </Columns>
 +  <SearchCriteria>
 +    <Value>99</Value>
 +  </SearchCriteria >
 +Maximum number of rows is 1. Column node can’t have ‘CpqTableEntryId’ value. The search will be performed on search criteria, where AND condition will be used between values.  All table rows that matches the condition will be returned. Maximum number of returning rows is 20. If search returns more than 20, the error message will be returned. The result XML will be explained later.
 +===== Input XML Example for EXPORTTABLE action =====
 +In this case input XML is ignored.
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