Pricing Table Administration - Output Parameters

TagData TypeDescriptionRequiredComments
ResultXMLThis function will generate XML document as result of the performed actionsYesResult is always generated

XML definition

Element NameData TypeDescriptionRequiredComments
Result Y
StatusString(10)OK if passed values are verified and successfully passed requested action, otherwise NOKY
MessageString (500)Message generated by CPQY
Root NFor search, if any row matches provided conditions, it will contain XML for result
Error NIf any error occurs this node will contain info about it.
ErrorCodeString(50)Error codeY
DescriptionString(500)Error description messageY

Result XML Examples

Example for the successful InsertRow action

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Result xmlns="">
   <Message>action 'INSERTROWS' for PricingTestTable succeeded</Message>
      <Value>price desc</Value>

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