Set Cart Properties - Input Parameters

TagData TypeDescriptionRequiredComments
UsernameString (20)Only CPQ users can execute this function. CPQ user is defined in CPQ admin.YesUsername of API user
PasswordString (25)Only CPQ users can execute this function. Password is defined in CPQ admin.YesPassword of API user
OrderIDString (8)Order#YesCPQ System quotation number
ERPOrderIDString (255)External System (ERP) Order Number assigned to the CPQ OrderIDNo

Data Definition for Set Cart Properties input XML

Field NameDescriptionSample DataTypeSize
CartProperty/NameName of the custom field1W before Quote Expiration DateText100
CartProperty/ValueValue of the custom field11/2/2011Text100

Input XML Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <Name>1W before Quote Expiration Date</Name>
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