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 +====== Set Cart Item Properties Web Method ======
 +**Function name**: setCartItemProperties
 +**Function description**: 
 +setCartItemProperties updates the value of custom field's on your cart items. To call this method you must provide an input xml, which should follow next pattern:
 +<code xml>
 +  <CartItem>
 +    <CartItemGuid>7c65d5af-d404-4fd7-bb8f-d5dc297faec0</CartItemGuid>
 +    <CartItemCustomFields>
 +      <CartItemCustomField>
 +        <Name>Sample_Cart_Item_CF</Name>
 +        <Value>This was edited externally. Via API</Value>
 +      </CartItemCustomField>
 +    </CartItemCustomFields>
 +  </CartItem>
 +  * API parameters username/password identify the API user
 +  * API parameter cart composite number identify the quote
 +  * API parameter cart revision identify quote revision
 +You must provide Guid for each Cart Item and name of each custom field (See previous XML example) to be able to call this function properly. To find Guid you can call function [[appendixd:get_quote_data:get_quote_data|GetQuoteData]], providing Cart composite number. This function will return quote xml where you can find (among other information) Guids that you need.
 +The **Name** node must contain the name of the custom field. \\
 +The **Value** node must contain the value you want to send. \\
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