User Administration - Input Parameters

TagData TypeDescriptionRequiredComments
UsernameString (20)Only SAP CPQ admin users can execute this function. SAP CPQ user is defined in SAP CPQ admin.YesSAP CPQ admin user name
PasswordString (25)Only SAP CPQ admin users can execute this function. Password is defined in SAP CPQ admin.YesSAP CPQ admin password for the admin user name provided in the username element
ActionString (50)Action that will be executed for the userYesExamples: - ADDORUPDATE - DELETE
UserPropertiesXMLObject Passing User DataYesThe UserProperties XML structure is shown below

Data Definition for User Properties XML

Field NameDescriptionSample DataTypeSize
USERNAMEUser Name (once set does not change)Jasmith123Text
PASSWORDUser PasswordAbcd123PText
TITLEUser Gender TitleMr.Text
FIRSTNAMEUser First NameJoeText
LASTNAMEUser Last NameSmithText
TYPEGroup User Belongs To (must be pre-configured by SAP CPQ Administrator)CD2Text
EMAILADDRESSUser E-Mail AddressJoe.smith@pac.comText
ADDRESS1User First Address Line123 Letters WayText
ADDRESS2User Second Address LineP.O. Box 123Text
CITYUser CityMytownText
STATEUser StateWIText
ZIPCODEUser Zip Code55555Text
COUNTRYUser CountryUnited StatesText
PHONENUMBERUser Phone Number1E+10Text
FAXNUMBERUser FAX Number8.889E+09Text
COMPANYCODECode of the Company User Belongs to (usually is the SAP number) Company must exist (be pre-configured by SAP CPQ administrator)9.99E+09Text
MUSTCHANGE PASSWORDFlag to Require User to Change Password 1, true, 0, falseText
PASSWORDLOCKEDFlag to Lock User Account1, true, 0, falseText
DEFAULTDICTIONARYDictionary (can be set to be either system or custom) Text
ORDERINGPARENTOrdering parent SAP CPQ user namenzagoracText
MANAGINGPARENTManaging parent SAP CPQ user nameppetrovicText
APPROVEPARENTApproving parent SAP CPQ user namevzaricText
CrmUserNameIntegration User name Text
CrmPasswordIntegration passwordwebcom123Text

Example for User Administration XML

  <PASSWORD AllowSameAsExisting="1">xdF5460Bf</PASSWORD>
  <ADDRESS1>Summer Street</ADDRESS1>
  <ADDRESS2 />
  <CITY>New Berlin</CITY>
  <COUNTRY>United States</COUNTRY>

Details about each XML node in this example can be found on the XML details page.

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