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Application Parameters: 26 Hits
 ====== Application Parameters ====== The Application Parameters section provides settings that affect how... ccess these parameters, go to **Setup > General > Application Parameters**.\\ \\ Application Parameters are sep... ationparameters.png?800}}\\ <note>Changes made to application parameters are logged in the **User Actions** tab... information is logged in the **Action** column: //Application parameter changed//. </note> ===== General Parame
SAP CPQ API: 19 Hits
mation. For example, if a company uses a separate application to process shipping information after an order ha... upon carts, etc...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/CPQAPI.asmx * Admin level services... users, companies...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/WsSrv.asmx ===== API EXAMPLE ===== ... cess SAP CPQ’s API, use the following URLs: * <application root>/wsAPI/CPQAPI.asmx - this is the set of user
API for Content Upload: 14 Hits
SAP CPQ tenants. To turn on/off the API, use the application parameter **Enable API For Content Upload** in **Setup** > **General** > **Application Parameters** > **General Parameters**.</note> ==== Supported ... G, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, JFIF and TIFF.\\ <note>The application parameter **Allowed Image Extensions** defines th
Audit Trail Logs: 13 Hits
t administrators and users perform throughout the application and logs them in the dedicated section of the **S... changes that are performed either directly in the application or via API. Any logged information can be foun... CPQ object that is being changed (for example, **Application Parameter**). * **Entity ID** – the unique ide... eing changed (for example, the name of a specific application parameter). * **Action** – any change carried
Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing: 9 Hits
on). SDI Data Provisioning Agent is an on-premise application that is to be installed and operated locally in t
General: 9 Hits
P CPQ is integrated with** - Determines which CRM application SAP CPQ will integrate with. The selection determ... ookup** to view all partner role types on the CRM application. More than one type can be entered. Each selectio... m SAP CPQ. Click CRM Lookup to connect to the CRM application and select the desired record type. When clicked,... mgeneral2.jpg }} ;#;//Figure C - General//;#;\\ Application parameter **Update existing products in Salesforc
Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 7 Hits
nly when SAP CPQ is integrated with a back office application, such as SAP ERP. \\ \\ Simple products previousl
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