Create quote based on asset data

Creating quote from asset data through CPQ API has made some adjustments so it can support product nesting.

• Node ShippingMethod is no longer required
• Node Item can accept product name (through node ProductName)
• Node CatalogueCode is no longer required for the item
API call will have to provide either node ProductName or node CatalogueCode. If neither node is provided, CPQ will return the error message: “For Item #ItemNumber product name nor catalogue code haven’t been provided“.
• When CatalogueCode is provided, no product nesting will be supported, and product will be found based on reverse search performed on provided catalogue code(part number)
• If both CatalogueCode and ProductName are provided, CPQ will disregard provided catalogue code.
• If item ProductName is provided CPQ will try to find the product with provided name. If this product cannot be found, or user doesn’t have permission to see this product, CPQ will report the error – “Product for Item #ItemNumber cannot be found”.
• Node ProductName can contain attribute “ExecuteRules”. If application parameter 'Execute rules in child products (found in attribute container) when adding parent product to the quote ' (Setup>General>Application Parameters>Configurator - Figure 1), is set to FALSE this tag will be taken in consideration, otherwise rules will always be executed. If this attribute is found and if its value is TRUE, product rules will be executed when adding it to the quote. If this attribute is missing or if its value is FALSE, product will be added to the quote without executing its rules (in Admin mode).

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