Approval Process for Payment Terms

Use Case

In most business processes, Payment terms needs to be setup to specify when payment is due. Payment terms are created as a custom field in CPQ. A custom field called “Terms” should already be included in your domain and can be accessed under the Additional Info tab when editing a quote. As part of the business process, some payment terms may require approval. This approval process will be conditioned around this custom field.


The goal is to show how to set up an approval process for payment terms in CPQ as well as modify or update the existing custom field (Terms).


Setting up the approval process for payment terms can be achieved in two easy steps.
Step 1: Modify/Create custom field
The custom field “Terms” may already be available in your tenant. If so you can go to CPQ Setup→Quotes→Custom Fields to edit the label, permission, default value, etc.If it is not, then a custom field must first be created for payment terms. Navigate through CPQ Setup→Quotes→Custom Fields and create a new custom field.The custom field needs to be defined as an attribute, which means it will use the values in the attribute as values to select from in a drop down. Choosing this type displays another field where you can select the attribute that the field will use for its values.

Custom Field, “Terms” page

An attribute “Terms” may already exist, which you can select. If this attribute or a similar attribute does not exist, then you can create it by going to CPQ Setup→Products→Attributes. You can also modify the values in the Terms attribute by going to CPQ Setup→Products→Attributes and editing this attribute.

“Terms” Attribute Page

Step 2: Create Approval rule
Next step is to setup the approval process which is conditioned on this custom field. Let’s assume that Net 45 terms requires approval for the “Sales” user type. This rule is setup under CPQ Setup→Workflow/Approvals→Approval rules.

Approvals page

Select the users this approval rule should apply to. In this example, the Sales user type is selected. The condition for the approval is an expression using the custom field: [EQ](<*QuoteProperty(Terms)*>,Net 45). On the USER side when Net 45 term is selected, the quote requires approval.

On the Quotation tab, the approval section displays the approval required message. To proceed, the user has the option to either submit the quote for approval by clicking the “Request for approval” button or by selecting another payment term.

For more details on approval process, please follow the link for online manual help:

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