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Product Nesting: 59 Hits
tions within configurations. This type of product configuration structure can be setup with unlimited levels of nesting. The configuration that references other configurations is referred to as the parent product or configuration. While the configurations that are being referenced are referred to as child product or configuration. For example, the user may enter the configuration of a server rack, which r
Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing: 45 Hits
====== Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing ====== <note>SAP Variant Configuration and... 5237e804d06b4ef4a945ec330c189c4c.html|SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing administration guide}}.</note> <note>To exchange variant configuration and pricing data between cloud solution SAP CPQ and the licensee’... ocal on-premise SAP ERP back end, the SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing provider also comprises SDI Data Prov
Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 42 Hits
====== Variant Configuration Integration Overview ====== A typical integration landscape is shown in the image be... via synchronization with SAP ERP and SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing have the value //Yes// in the column ... e layout order they originally had in the Variant Configuration, with the exception of attributes appearing in mo... s by using the drag-and-drop functionality of the configuration layout in SAP CPQ.\\ Variant Configuration prod
Introduction to the Variant Configuration Integration: 32 Hits
====== Introduction to the Variant Configuration Integration ====== ===== Why Integrate SAP CPQ with Variant Configuration ===== Variant Configuration is used for configuring exceedingly complex products. Although SAP CPQ also supports product configuration, Variant Configuration exists specifically for config... ring purposes. In other words, although Variant Configuration models can be recreated in SAP CPQ, that would co
Product Display Types: 24 Hits
e the **Simple Product** display type requires no configuration in order to be added to a quote. The **Configura... oduct** display type, on the other hand, requires configuration before being able to add it to a quote, and it ca... der to be added to a quote. Because of this, the Configuration Layout and Rules tabs are both inactive when the ... ion, or bundling rules enforced between them. The Configuration Layout and Rules tabs will both be active when th
Configuring a Product: 19 Hits
ing the product’s image or name will bring up the configuration screen (the **Configurator**). Once you enter the configuration screen, navigation links and quick search field on the top of the page are still avai... style.jpg?700}} \\ There are four sections on the configuration screen: tabs, configuration area, and the responder. Each section plays a role in the configuration process. \\ * **Tabs** - are displayed at the
Application Parameters: 17 Hits
s at once in the Quote. When set to **FAST**, the configuration state is unknown and assumed to be incomplete, so... arch results are shown, if Guided Selling Product configuration applied to a catalogue product makes it complete,... t is shown in the responder.\\ * **Show product configuration template**: defines whether SAP CPQ displays the product configuration template in the Configurator.\\ * **Show Attribute Prices within Configur
Variant Configuration Integration: 16 Hits
====== Variant Configuration Integration ====== The SAP CPQ – Variant Configuration integration unites front and ... rations for sales representatives.\\ The Variant Configuration integration is provided by {{ SAP_PRODUCT_CONFIGURATION/Cloud/en-US|SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing}}’s configuration and pricing service... ariant_configuration_integration_overview|Variant Configuration Integration Overview]] for more details.\\ The f
Reference Characteristics and Pricing Attributes: 15 Hits
ng attributes used by SAP CPQ for the SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing integration are listed on this page. ... Any reference characteristic from SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing can be mapped to any custom field in ... sending reference characteristics to SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing with every configuration request. Sim... ng reference characteristics (attributes) for the configuration context:\\ ^**Context Keys**^**Context Values**^
SAP General Attribute Mappings: 15 Hits
gs ====== After connecting SAP CPQ to SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing, you need to map general attributes.\... \\ A country code should be used only if Variant Configuration runs product rules that rely on the country code.... s and pricing procedure evaluation in SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing. If it is not used for either of thos... are synchronized between SAP ERP and SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing. Additionally, if you need to dynamic
Attribute Container: 14 Hits
here attributes need to be dynamically added to a configuration, the administrator is now able to use attribute c... be added and deleted in rules or manually during configuration. Each cell can have some value according to its c... n//" both as text box stand alone columns. During configuration you can enter a value in each row for both column... some of attributes used in those products. During configuration of such container each row will be a product, and
New Quote Details: 13 Hits
written in this node will be applied to the main configuration item. · Additional configuration items will h... oduct’s model administration the quantity of main configuration item is set up to be applied to additional configuration items, the value of this node will be multiplied with default quantities for additional configuration items. **\\ ** **n**** ****<CatalogueCode>** · This is required field. · CPQ wi
Product Definition Tab: 12 Hits
uct rules are executed only one and Allow product configuration import: ;#;{{adminhelp:productadministration:pro... etails templates). By clicking on “Allow product configuration import” checkbox, you can enable users to mass upload configuration by uploading file into product configuration. **Admin side** The administrator... d be written in order to upload file into product configuration. When ”Allow product configuration import” is che
System Requirements for SAP Integrations: 11 Hits
| **SAP ERP for simple products (without variant configuration)** | SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 0 or higher | SAP Cl... ase configurable products are in use: SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing | | **SAP ERP for variant configuration products** | SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 5 or higher (Unicode System). For detailed system requir... ote 2711932 - System Requirements for SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing}}. | SAP Cloud Platform Integrati
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