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Application Parameters: 72 Hits
When users enter several words in search box, SAP CPQ will find products based on each entered word (in... ing based on entire phrase) **: regulates how SAP CPQ filters products. * **Do not email login detai... **: defines whether a new User created by the SAP CPQ admin receives an email notification with login d... ss used to contact administration, notify the SAP CPQ admin about new user registration and email order
MS Dynamics CRM and CPQ integration: 51 Hits
====== MS Dynamics CRM and CPQ integration ====== \\ This page provides you with instructions how to successfully integrate your MS Dynamics CRM with CPQ.\\ \\ **Prerequisite**: Federated SSO needs to be... to be taken in order to establish SSO between SAP CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM: * SAML metadata fil... ntity provider (IdP) on the customer side and SAP CPQ is the service provider (SP). * User mapping sh
Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 38 Hits
SAP Cloud Platform Integration then calls the SAP CPQ SOAP API, and the following product data is sent from SAP ERP to SAP CPQ: * name * description * part number * material number (which becomes system ID in SAP CPQ) * unit of measure * catalog/hierarchy (which becomes category in SAP CPQ)... material type (which becomes product type in SAP CPQ) Products that are imported from SAP ERP in this
Salesforce Integration Instructions: 33 Hits
ou set up the integration between SAP Sales Cloud CPQ and (SFDC) so an end-user can crea... You will also need your SAP CPQ tenant info. If you are embarking on this setup,... == There are 6 essential steps to set up the SAP CPQ - Salesforce integration. Read over the concepts... ssist you in the task. <note> Integration of SAP CPQ and Salesforce is supported by both Quote 1.0 and
SAP CPQ Package for SFDC: 33 Hits
====== SAP CPQ Package for SFDC ====== The SAP CPQ Package for Salesforce integration enables you to au... up adjustments. The advantages of integrating SAP CPQ and Salesforce via the package are the following:... you create an opportunity in SFDC and land to SAP CPQ by clicking **New Quote**, you are able to create... ioning is enabled. The first time you land to SAP CPQ a matching user is automatically created. The onl
SAP CPQ and SAP CLM Integration: 32 Hits
====== SAP CPQ and SAP CLM Integration ====== This functionality enables customers to integrate seamle... SAP CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) from SAP CPQ. In other words, the integration enables sales re... M for redlining and negotiation directly from SAP CPQ. SAP CLM is a quick, user-friendly solution th... Management). ===== Setup integration ===== SAP CPQ and SAP CLM integration setup starts in SAP CPQ s
anguages\\ The Simple Product Administration SAP CPQ API can maintain simple products in SAP CPQ, and ... oducts to some extent. Note that the current SAP CPQ API does not permit the creation of more complex ... stration API to create and update products in SAP CPQ. Note that you can view Product Administration In... nvironment. If you use an existing System ID, SAP CPQ will return the following message: "Product with
SAP CPQ and DocuSign Integration: 27 Hits
====== SAP CPQ and DocuSign Integration ====== \\ ====== DocuSign side ====== \\ The instructions b... mportant notice ===== \\ <note Important> If SAP CPQ has already been integrated with DocuSign prior t... rmed. Prior to this Release, when integrating SAP CPQ and DocuSign, a DocuSign custom field had to be c... ically. Therefore, customers with an existing SAP CPQ-DocuSign integration need to delete this custom f
General: 26 Hits
to define settings for the connection between SAP CPQ and the CRM. Here a user can define how SAP CPQ w... r the CRM Integration Setup admin menu. \\ **SAP CPQ is integrated with** - Determines which CRM application SAP CPQ will integrate with. The selection determines what CRM icon is used in the CRM integr... view a CRM’s options, select the CRM from the SAP CPQ is integrated with field and click Save. This dis
Limitations and Known Issues 1911: 25 Hits
==== \\ The list describes the limitations of SAP CPQ for the 1911 release. \\ * When autocomplete at... s Rights** feature allows assigning read-only SAP CPQ **Setup** options to administrators only for **Us... m fields is supported only by Quote 2.0. * SAP CPQ classic design does not support **Data Deletion**... ing the export/import process of companies in SAP CPQ, currently there is an error when a full name of
(Legacy) SAP Cloud for Customer Integration Setup on the SAP CPQ Side: 24 Hits
P Cloud for Customer Integration Setup on the SAP CPQ Side ====== All communication from SAP CPQ to SA... t systems and protocols . REST API that processes CPQ requests was developed on SAP Cloud Platform Integration .\\ To integrate SAP CPQ with SAP Cloud for Customer, you first need to enable the SAP prov... payload**: when the toggle switch is enabled, SAP CPQ sends customer details such as bill-to, ship-to a
SAP CPQ and AdobeSign® Integration: 23 Hits
====== SAP CPQ and AdobeSign® Integration ====== \\ AdobeSign® integration enables users to easily sig... tion to be successful, the email address of a SAP CPQ user needs to match the one in AdobeSign®. Otherw... Please follow the steps below to integrate a SAP CPQ tenant with the AdobeSign® provider. \\ **Prerequ... q_c3_enable_adobe_rights.png|}} \\ ===== The SAP CPQ side ===== \\ * Log into a SAP CPQ tenant as a
Provider Settings: 23 Hits
n adjustments for enabling the integration in SAP CPQ are managed in the **Providers** section.\\ **Pre... ctive document generation template created in SAP CPQ]]. * to have these two tags in the SAP CPQ temp... ess them properly. These are not the standard SAP CPQ tags for retrieving quote items in the document. ... plate Mappings**. \\ The page lets you map an SAP CPQ template to an SAP CLM contract type (e.g. //Mast
Approval Rules: 23 Hits
roval Rules ====== **Approval process** is a SAP CPQ functionality that enables administrator to force... approval process terms: **Approver **|is a SAP CPQ user that is selected to be responsible for manag... many as needed. Since approvers are ordinary SAP CPQ users (with some more rights), it is important to... approver to some rule. **Submitter** | is a SAP CPQ user that some particular approval rule applies t
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Enablement: 4 Hits
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