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Input XML Example: 38 Hits
elds are not required (XML may not contain them). Default values for other fields are: \\ \\ **<DisplayType... ML file, or is present and does not have a value, default display type will be "**Simple product**" **SkipCategoriesOnProductUpdate** * Default Value (if attribute is missing) : false **SkipPermissionsOnProductUpdate** * Default Value (if attribute is missing) : false **Identificator** *
Application Parameters: 33 Hits
on**: defines the current database version. * **Default Country**: defines the country used in the system... an email notification with login details. * **Default login remember preference**: defines which User l... * **Export All Custom Table Data as Strings by Default**: determines whether SAP CPQ exports all custom ... boundary for resolving two-digit years is “99” by default. * **Hide Obsolete Features**: hides the classi
Currencies: 20 Hits
to the system. Currencies are used to convert the default currency to a foreign currency. CPQ calculates fo... conversion rate given in table **Currencies** by default currency price. This amount is then multiplied b... . \\ One of the currencies has to be set as the default currency. The US Dollar (USD) is the default curr... se of the manual, we’ll keep the US Dollar as the default currency. When a different currency is calculated
Creating a Document Generation Template: 20 Hits
tem dictionary, the values are retrieved from the default dictionary instead. To translate a template name ... ge for which the translations were added in the **Default Dictionary** on the **User Page**. Following that... r (given that translations are available). * **Default Output Format** - select the format in which all documents are generated by default. If [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:document_generation:creating
Editing: 18 Hits
e quotes in which the fields will be editable. By default, all fields on quotes are read-only until their e... ch permission group/status separately. Clicking **Default Settings** in a respective column applies the sel... have the right to edit that field).</note> ===== Default Settings ===== Default editing settings allow adm... editable for all permission group/status pairs by default until administrators select other fields. The pur
Attribute Container: 16 Hits
oup, make a column read only, make it required... Default permission for all user type groups is Editable. ... r container (if it is checked) and combo box **//‘Default number of rows per container page’//**, that are ... many rows will be available per container page by default.\\ {{:adminhelp:productadministration:pattribute... paging will be available. From the combo box **//‘Default number of rows per container page’//** you can ch
Units of Measurement: 13 Hits
ibutes are created, their values are expressed in default units //(Figures 1, 2)//. For any measurement typ... vert attribute values to the chosen unit from the default unit. The purpose of this functionality is to dis... Measurement attribute in configurator, different default unit//;#; <note> The default unit of measuremen... certain measurement type and its units are added, default unit cannot be changed any more. - If default
Pricebooks: 13 Hits
la. The system supports multiple filters.\\ ==== Default Pricebook ==== When retrieving prices for product... new Quote, the system first looks for the User's default Pricebook. The feature is managed on the **User P... lations:cpq_174_default_pricebook.png?0x400}}\\ A default Pricebook is Market-specific, so before selecting the default Pricebook on the **User Page**, Users should first select the default Market. On their
Statuses: 12 Hits
Deleting a Status// ;#; \\ To make a status the default status, edit the status by clicking the {{:workf... tton next to it and changing the selection in the Default drop down to Yes. {{ workflowapprovals:editstat... ;#; \\ If another status is already set as the default, user will receive a confirmation informing him that a status is currently set as the default. Clicking OK will make the current status the default o
User Types: 11 Hits
**: a predefined list of pages: \\ - **Home Page (default)**: default page on which users land, i.e. **Cata... ete before a quote can be created. - From the **Default category view** drop-down list, select the view that will be used as the default view for categories in the **Catalog**. \\ The options are as follow... or the above-mentioned pages, the system uses the default transformations defined in **Setup** > **General*
Discounts/Multipliers: 10 Hits
vidually or simultaneously. **Minimum Value**, **Default Value**, and **Maximum Value** can be assigned for each. The Default Value is used when a user first generates a Quote. \\ Depending on the Shoppin... on:usergroups#Visual Styles|Visual Styles]]), the Default Discount, or Multiplier Value, applied to the Car... rocess Administration]]) is initiated. \\ <note>Default Value is only applied to the Cart the first time
Categories: 10 Hits
dmin enters category where nothing is selected as default view neither for this category nor in any of its ... ategory view//;#; If admin enters category where default catalog view has already been selected for one of... r particular category, SAP CPQ will check whether default catalog view is selected for particular category. If this category has default view defined (for itself or for its parent, grandparent etc.), this de
Item Quantity and Attribute Line Item Quantity: 10 Hits
quantity users enter in quotes will override the default quantity, if defined. * **Inherit Quantity from... quantity will remain as initially defined. * **Default quantity (if not 1)** - you can define default qu... ected quantity is shown for each value. To define default quantity, edit an attribute assigned to a product... es** section, select **Show More Columns**. The **Default quantity (if not 1)** column is shown for editing
Quote item custom fields: 10 Hits
pes are available: * **Number** (selected by default). Custom fields of this type can have decimals. T... quote custom fields that are dates are saved (in default format mm/dd/yy). * **Currency** Custom fiel... t, extended amount etc.). Values will be saved in default currency (dollar) and current market and currency... alculation**- This field can accept only numbers. Default number is 10. If admin deletes everything and cli
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