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What to delete vs. not delete: 56 Hits
====== What to delete vs. not delete ====== ===== Problem ===== The default installation of SAP CPQ co... trative section allows users to safely and easily delete other user’s, their quotes, or their customers. T... on:whattodelete1.png|}} button. This opens up the delete Customers page. \\ <note>Product deletion can on... rst before deleting the products. The best way to delete all exiting quotes in the system is through **[[a
Bulk Deletion: 20 Hits
trative section allows users to safely and easily delete other user’s, their quotes, or their customers. ... t page, user can choose whether you would like to delete a user and their quotes or delete local and global customers in the system. ===== Delete customer(s) ===== <note>A customer cannot be deleted if ... ted with the customer are deleted.</note> \\ The Delete customer(s) section allows deleting a user’s cust
Automatic Deletion of Users: 15 Hits
Users ====== When deleting users, you can either delete inactive users or users who do not log into the s... status via the API or through user import\\. To delete inactive users: - Go to **Setup** > **Security*... In **General Deletion** > **Users**, enable the **Delete Inactive Users** toggle switch. \\ Time period se... iod.\\ ---- **Example**:\\ Example: You want to delete inactive users from the system, so you enable the
User Page: 9 Hits
age generated documents they have created. * To delete an individual document - by clicking the **delete** button on the left side (next to user’s name). * To delete multiple documents- by checking the box in the delete column and clicking **Delete Selected**. Clicking **Select All** will select all documents visible on the page. * To delete all documents - clicking **Delete All** will start a b
Manage Content Documents: 8 Hits
ration:cpq_1908_gendoc_preview_button.png?20}} to delete, edit and preview the file, respectively. After c... ent Bulk Deletion ===== In this section, you can delete multiple documents from the section with a single action. * **Delete documents listed above** - selecting this option before clicking **Delete** d... he documents currently visible on the page. * **Delete all documents that match entered criteria** - sel
Report Module: 7 Hits
ort * Clone report * View report * Delete report A Delete button is located at the top rig... inistrators can select several report actions and delete reports in bulk. This enables administrators to avoid having to delete one by one. To create a new report click **New Report** and to create a new da... g actions: * Add label * Rename * Delete Labels can be added as a sub folder of a root la
Manage Generated Documents: 7 Hits
erform on generated documents is deletion: * To delete an individual document, click {{:adminhelp:genera... 174_cancel_icon.png?10}} next to the file. * To delete multiple documents at once, select the corresponding checkboxes in the **Delete** column and click **Delete Selected**. Alternatively, click **Select... all documents in the current page. * Clicking **Delete All** deletes all the generated documents in the
Automatic Deletion of Quotes: 7 Hits
uotes ====== When deleting quotes, you can either delete all quotes that meet the deletion criteria, regar... Deletion of Quotes Regardless of Status ===== To delete quotes without taking into account their status: ... = Automatic Deletion of Quotes by Status ===== To delete quotes in particular status: - Go to **Setup**... n **General Deletion** > **Quotes**, enable the **Delete Quotes by Status** toggle switch. \\ Time period
Custom Tables: 7 Hits
e** – Add new columns to an existing table * **Delete Table** - Delete an existing table. * **Export... * **View Entries** – Read through table entries, delete them, insert new and modify existing. * **Audit... it will create new entry in dastabase table. * Delete Entry * Search Entries * Custom table export ... stom tables //(Figure K)//. Admins can edit them, delete them or change their content. ====== Custom Tab
Audit Trail Logs: 5 Hits
tor or the user (such as **Add**, **Change** or **Delete**). Post actions attached to an action are also l... e administrator (such as **Add**, **Change** or **Delete**). * **Field** – the field whose value has be... e administrator (such as **Add**, **Change** or **Delete**). * **Field** – the field whose value has bee... e administrator (such as **Add**, **Change** or **Delete**). * **Field** – the field whose value has bee
Product Versions: 5 Hits
actions for product version manipulation. You can delete, edit or translate a product version. If you clic... on as you want and save changes. \\ Also, you can delete or translate product version. If you click on **//delete//** action, the system checks if there is any quote that contains this product version and if so, it will not delete the version and informs the user. Otherwise, system will delete that versio
Upsert Pricebook With Distribution Chain: 5 Hits
ft empty in new pricebook entry. * If columns Delete is found in the row, it will be managed :If value... or empty:Row will be created/updated as if column Delete was not sent. * Depending on Root node attribut... ated (when updated occurred), Entry deleted (when delete occurred. If upsert is not successful, message wi... ired. Other columns are optional.Value for column Delete may be 1, 0 or empty| ===== Input XML Example
Audit Trail Deletion: 5 Hits
n of Admin Actions from the Audit Trail ===== To delete admin action records from the audit trail: - Go... on** > **Admin Action Audit Trail**, enable the **Delete Admin Action Audit Trail** toggle switch. \\ Time... on of User Actions from the Audit Trail ===== To delete user action records from the audit trail: - Go ... ion** > **User Action Audit Trail**, enable the **Delete User Action Audit Trail** toggle switch. \\ Time
Customer Administration Execution Workflow: 5 Hits
If required action is Update, AddOrUpdate or Delete the node SearchFields is deserialized. \\ - ... B without search. \\ - If required action is Delete, Update or AddOrUpdate the search is performed in... ustomer, the search will be considered as failed: Delete, Update or AddOrUpdate action will fail for curre... rUpdate action will be treated as Add action, but Delete and Update will fail for current customer, and er
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