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Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side: 7 Hits
*Hana Cloud Platform Integration - Authentication details**, specify the following: - **Authentication ... toggle switch so that SAP CPQ could send customer details such as bill-to and ship-to, together with the qu... - In **SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service API Details**, enter the following: - **REST API base UR... enant. - **Endpoint that gets SAP object data details**: a relative endpoint address of the SAP Cloud P
Customers: 2 Hits
Involved Parties (Quote Teams): 1 Hits
company to a team. - Click **Add**. \\ The team details display in the **Involved Parties** grid. \\ You
System Requirements for SAP Integrations: 1 Hits
on (3rd party DB, SAP Hana Platform). For further details and more information about interoperability and m
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