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Involved Parties (Quote Teams): 4 Hits
team users, administrator team users can create, edit and delete sections. Administrator teams create s... this team cannot add any new teams, nor can they edit the existing ones. They can only view the grid wi... play in the **Involved Parties** grid. \\ You can edit them by clicking on the team name. Also, you can ... must be a member of a solution team to be able to edit and distribute a section. * the mass assign but
Updates and Status Change: 2 Hits
tus of the quote changes to a status in which the edit and view actions are not available (for example, ... have the permission to view the quote, but not to edit it, the quote will be opened in the view-only mod
Federation Troubleshooting: 2 Hits
rned off in **Setup** > **Users** > **Users** > **Edit** > **Password Settings**. Additionally, this err... tup** > **Users** > **Users** > **Create New User/Edit** > **Password Settings** for all users who will
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