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SAP ERP Integration: 18 Hits
====== SAP ERP Integration ====== The SAP CPQ–SAP ERP integration keeps the data synchronized between ... .\\ Key benefits of integrating SAP CPQ with SAP ERP are as follows: * Products are synchronized directly from a remote SAP ERP system. * Prices for simple products are sent from SAP ERP to SAP CPQ ... ers, together with all details, are sent from SAP ERP to SAP CPQ over SAP Cloud Platform Integration.
Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 14 Hits
ed in the image, master material is sent from SAP ERP to SAP Cloud Platform Integration over SAP IDocs.... , and the following product data is sent from SAP ERP to SAP CPQ: * name * description * part num... in SAP CPQ) Products that are imported from SAP ERP in this way become simple products in SAP CPQ and... category. If there is a product hierarchy in SAP ERP, the hierarchy will also be replicated in SAP CPQ
System Requirements for SAP Integrations: 12 Hits
^ Other Required Components ^ | **SAP ERP for simple products (without variant configuration)** | SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 0 or higher | SAP Cloud Platform Integration | | ::: | ::: | ERP C4 Integration Add-On CODERINT | | **SAP S/4HANA (on premise)** | SAP S/4HANA versi... riant Configuration and Pricing | | **SAP ERP for variant configuration products** | SAP ER
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Troubleshooting Scenario: 7 Hits
ario ====== Sales orders sent from SAP CPQ to SAP ERP may fail due to various reasons. In that case, th... the status to the one where the **Place Order to ERP** action is available. Workflow needs to be adjus... s order that was created first arrives to the SAP ERP system. In that case, there will be two sales orders that came to SAP ERP from the same SAP CPQ quote.\\ In order to avoid this error, clients are re
General Prerequisites: 4 Hits
ia the Enterprise Resource Planning software (SAP ERP) or SAP S/4HANA. In these pages we will use SAP ERP throughout examples. * To have the [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:integrations_with_sap_solutions:sap_erp_integration|SAP ERP integration set up]]. * [[adminhelp:federation|SAML 2.0 single sig
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