PayPal Payflow Pro Integration

In order to set Verisign integration the following application parameters should be set:

vshostaddress - e.g. -

There may be some confusion by using the term “Verisign”. Payflow Pro was bought out by Paypal long time ago. So it is really Paypal Payflow Pro now.

Here is the link to FAQ from Paypal on what needs to be done.

Also in developer guide check section 2 on downloading/installing and activating. It explains what needs to be done in PayPal to activate. (page 18)

It is the clients responsibility to provide this information to Webcom. You will need to have a Payflow Pro account and an internet merchant account. Once you have all that set up you should have all the required details, such as username, password, vendor, etc.

If you already have Verisign/Paypal account then you most likely should have all the required info (or you can contact Verisign/PayPal customer support to find out this information).

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