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Certificate Management: 5 Hits
the private key in the **Private key (required)** field and the certificate in the **Certificate (required)** field. Enter the certificate password in the **Password (required)** field. For this option, y... sword for the file in the **Password (required)** field. \\ <note> The certificate must be installed on ... of the selected certificate creation method, this field is required and common in all three cases: \\
Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side: 3 Hits
le object from SAP Cloud for Customer. Leave this field empty. - **Endpoint that processes posted dat... ses the posted data in the XML format. Leave this field empty. - **Endpoint that sends CPQ quote to S... ends the SAP CPQ quote to SAP systems. Leave this field empty. - Click **Save**. ==== Defining C4C CRM
Customers: 2 Hits
er_journey_from_sap_cloud_for_customer_to_sap_cpq:field|Field Mapping]] [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:
Federation Troubleshooting: 2 Hits
\\ This happens when the **Sign on relay state** field is left blank in **Setup** > **Providers** > **Fe... tenant in the dropdown menu as the value for this field. Save and activate your settings. \\ * **The e
Updates and Status Change: 2 Hits
_for_customer_-_cpq_integration:user_journey_from_sap_cloud_for_customer_to_sap_cpq:field|Field Mapping]]
Specific SAP CPQ Prerequisites: 2 Hits
o** (previously **Quote Expiration Date**) custom field is changed to **Once, when quote is created**. ... er_journey_from_sap_cloud_for_customer_to_sap_cpq:field#Additional Discount|Additional discount is remove... er_journey_from_sap_cloud_for_customer_to_sap_cpq:field|Field Mapping]] [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:
SAP Sales Cloud CPQ Online Help: 2 Hits
nistrative page and an understanding of what each field means</WRAP> <WRAP item>[[tutorials:gettingstarte... nistrative page and an understanding of what each field means \\ [[adminhelp:adminhelp|read more...]] </W
Involved Parties (Quote Teams): 1 Hits
d users for the team in the **Team Users** search field. \\ Enter the name or the email of the user and t
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