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Customer Custom Fields: 34 Hits
====== Customer Custom Fields ====== Each SAP CPQ Customer address fields (Bill To, Ship To, End User) contains some standard fields which hold customer information. First Name, Last Name, Address and Company are some of these standard customer fields. If there is need, administrators can add one or more custom fields to Customer Roles. This is being done from SAP CPQ Admin -> Customers/Customer Roles
Editing: 27 Hits
On the **Editing** tab, you can select the quote fields that will be editable, the permission groups that... it them and the status of the quotes in which the fields will be editable. By default, all fields on quote... s** column. Similarly, once a status is selected, fields show up in the **Select Fields** column. The selected fields are automatically moved to the **Selected Items** section. To deselect an item, either c
Quote item custom fields: 24 Hits
====== Quote item custom fields ====== Custom fields on quote items are enabled so those are able to hold... pes. Users are able to edit values of item custom fields in the quote. When administrators add new (or edi... d is required. You cannot save two or more custom fields with the same name * **Label**- When you are defining new fields, after you finish typing a name, the label is populated with what was typed in the
Search Fields: 24 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>66}} ====== Search Fields ====== The Search Fields administration allows controlling which fields will be available for users to filter their load quote page by. They can be defined on a per user group basis and can ordered. The search fields available include quote information, customer inf... tration:quotefilter.png|}} ;#;//Figure A - Search Fields on Filter// ;#; \\ When users want to save defaul
Salesforce Integration Instructions: 23 Hits
nput form (figure 4) is shown. Fill out the input fields with the data below. * in **App** filed type Qu... Custom objects list// ;#; ==== Step 2: Add Custom Fields to Quote Object ==== Now that you defined the Quote object you need to define the fields in Salesforce that we will eventually match up to SAP CPQ. To add custom fields, click on //new// link under //Custom Fields & Relationships// submenu from th
Required Fields By Workflow Action: 23 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>79}} ====== Required Fields By Workflow Action ====== The **Required Fields by Workflow Action** section determines which fields are required before a certain workflow action can be performed... ction the user isn’t allowed to perform, Required Fields by [[adminhelp:workflowapprovals:workflowactions:... lowactions|Workflow Action]] ensures that certain fields are entered before the action is successfully per
Deploying Quote Item Custom Fields: 22 Hits
====== Deploying Quote Item Custom Fields ====== To add quote item custom fields to the deployment packag... yment Packages]] page: select **Quote Item Custom Fields** in **Package Component** and click **Add**. \\ ... ge component. - In **Selected quote item custom fields**, select the quote item custom fields you want t... add to the package. - **All quote item custom fields**: all available quote item custom fields are add
Adding/Removing Editable Fields: 21 Hits
indexmenu_n>842}} ====== Adding/Removing Editable Fields ====== Clicking the {{Wiki::addingremovingedit... bring up a screen where user may define Editable Fields and Calculations. \\ \\ {{ pricingcalculations... ration:clickedit.jpg }} ;#;//Figure A - Editable Fields Setup//;#; ===== Available Fields and Calculations ===== **Fields **– The Fields list box allows for the selection of available fields, which are
Column Headings: 18 Hits
ion, customer information, key attributes, custom fields and/or user information. Any field available to u... ** would bring up the same page seen in Figure C. Fields starting with the blue asterisk symbol, (*), are ... \\ This feature will enable users to edit custom fields from the **Existing quotes** page. Users can change quote level custom fields directly on the existing quotes page. For example, this can be very use
SAP CPQ and SAP CLM Integration: 18 Hits
document mapping, you can map particular SAP CPQ fields to SAP CLM fields. To do so click to edit the exi... q_clm_7.2.png }} ;#;// Figure 9 - Mapping SAP CPQ fields to CLM fields //;#; \\ Below are fields that must be mapped for successful integration: ^SAP CPQ Fields^SAP CLM Fields^ |Company (Bill To Customer)|name ... appings SAP CLM to SAP CPQ//, you can map SAP CLM fields that belong to one of the two SAP CLM objects - C
Custom Fields: 18 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>62}} ====== Custom Fields ====== The **Custom Fields** administration allows creating custom fields in the shopping cart for users to include additional information, such as terms of payment ... other specific information to your company. The fields can also be useful in helping to define what a ge... ki::customfieldsb1.png }} ;#;//Figure A - Custom Fields// ;#; \\ Custom Fields administration can be fou
Deploying Custom Fields: 18 Hits
====== Deploying Custom Fields ====== To add custom fields to the deployment package and deploy them, fol... kages|Deployment Packages]] page: select **Custom Fields** in **Package Component** and click **Add**. \\ ... for the package component. - In **Select Custom Fields** that will be sent, select the custom fields you want to add to the package. - **All Custom Fields**: all available custom fields are added to the p
Status - User Group Grid: 16 Hits
=== Status - User Group Grid ====== The **Cart Fields** administrative section can be accessed by clicking **Cart Fields** under **Pricing/Calculations**. This brings up the **Status - User Group Grid** ... cartfieldadmin.jpg }} ;#;//Figure A - Editable Fields Administration// ;#; On mouse-over, user can see which fields are editable for each User Group - Status combination. For example, Editable Fields fo
Report Module: 15 Hits
step of the Report Wizard contains the following fields: * Report name - required field * Desc... n add a filter condition for any of the available fields from the selected data source by choosing a value... eration of this report type. You must choose what fields will be included in the report and decide if you ... n make the selection by dragging and dropping the fields from the area "Available fields" to areas, such a
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