One SAP CPQ environment (for example www.webcomcpq.com) hosts an application in the cloud which is used by multiple clients.

In other words, SAP CPQ is a multi-tenant SaaS application. Clients have dedicated tenants/domains within environments that hold their specific data and that can be accessed via provided usernames and passwords.

In SAP CPQ context, tenant and domain are synonyms used interchangeably.

When registering and logging into SAP CPQ, you are prompted to state the domain name so that the system could segregate your company's SAP CPQ from others and log you into your SAP CPQ tenant.
There are three types of client SAP CPQ environments:

  • Staging - for client testing ( staging.webcomcpq.com).
  • Sandbox - for modelling (for example sandbox.webcomcpq.com).
  • Production - live version (for example webcomcpq.com).
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