Logging In and Out

Logging in and out of SAP CPQ is performed on the login screen.

To log into SAP CPQ, go to the login screen and enter the user ID (username), password and the domain. For the system to remember the data for future logins, so you do not have to retype it, select the Remember Me checkbox.
The application parameter Default login remember preference (General > Application Parameters > General Parameters) controls which data the system remembers. The available options are: Remember domain, Remember domain and username and Automatically login.
To log out of SAP CPQ, access the menu under your name in the top right corner and click Log Out.

Pre-populating the Domain for the Login Page

To simplify the login process, you can pre-populate the Domain field on the Login page.
In order to have the Domain field automatically pre-filled when a user opens the Login page, a link to the page should contain a domain name.

The URL structure is as follows: app_name/Login.aspx?startdomain=Your_domain (e.g. v60test.webcomcpq.com/Login.aspx?startdomain=docteam).

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