Navigating SAP CPQ

The layout of SAP CPQ consists of a shell bar, the main navigation toolbar and the central screen area.

SAP CPQ does not support working on more than one quote at the time for the single user. This means that users should not open another quote in another tab of the same browser and work concurrently on both of them. If it is needed to have another quote open, you can log into SAP CPQ through another browser, which will assign a new session.

As SAP CPQ does not have a dedicated home page, after logging in, the product catalog opens.
The look and feel and the layout of your SAP CPQ depend on the branding and customization. This image shows a SAP CPQ environment with the default branding and without any customization.

Shell Bar

New Project/Quotation, Recently Viewed, Favorites and User Menu icons are located in the right corner of the shell bar.

  • Clicking New Project/Quotation lands you on the catalog page where the product items are displayed. This is also the default landing page to SAP CPQ.
  • Clicking Recently Viewed opens a dropdown menu containing the last five items you have viewed.
  • Clicking User Menu opens a dropdown menu with your name and user group on top and various options including User Page and Logout.

Main Navigation bar

The main menu is located on the left side of the screen and can be expanded and collapsed. From it, you can access the following:

  • Load Existing Project/Quotation - an interactive list of the quotes a user has created is located here.
  • Catalog - product item categories can be accessed here.
  • Setup - Setup, Developer Console, Script Workbench and Log can be accessed here. This part of SAP CPQ is available to administrators only.

Central Screen Area

When you access SAP CPQ, the Catalog tab is selected by default and product item categories display in the central screen area. All categories and subcategories are displayed on the left for easier browsing. Buttons for ordering, sorting and choosing the view type, displayed in the top right corner, are used for customizing the category layout.

It is possible to choose the landing page per user types. To do this, go to Users > User Types, find a user type you need and under Start page enter an URL of a landing page of choice (e.g. quotation/LoadQuote.aspx to land to existing quotes).

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