Registering as a New User

Users need to be registered in order to log into SAP CPQ.

To access SAP CPQ, users can either:

  • log in with the credentials provided by the administrator. The administrator first has to create a user account in SAP CPQ.
  • register on their own on the SAP CPQ login page.

Follow these steps for user registration:

  1. Go to the URL provided by the administrator.
  2. Click Register under the SAP Sales Cloud logo.
    The User Registration page displays.
  3. If you are accessing a multi-tenant environment, enter the domain you wish to access and click Submit.
  4. Fill out the fields.
    All fields marked with * are required.
  5. Click Send Request.
    A confirmation message displays.
    An email with login details is sent to the registered email address.

You will use the registered username and password to log into SAP CPQ.

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