User Page

Click your name in the top right corner and select User Page in the menu to access user settings, where you can change user details, personal details and modify the password in the dedicated tabs.

User Details

In User details, you set default values and manage dates. The name of the domain you are logged into shows above the fields.

All the fields from the User details page are listed and described in the table below:

Effective DateDate used for simulating the effective date of a product. It can be used to make products appear in the catalog when their effectivity period does not match the current date. Additionally, it determines the pricing displayed to the user if a validity period is defined for the selected pricebook or pricebook entries. See Effective Date for more information.
Date FormatFormat of the effective date.
Date SeparatorSeparator used between day/month/year in the effective date.
Number FormatFormat of numbers throughout SAP CPQ.
Default MarketThe default market retrieved for all new quotes.
Default PricebookThe default pricebook retrieved for all new quotes.
Default DictionaryDictionary with default SAP CPQ UI text (button labels, tooltips, warning messages, etc.).
User Time ZoneThe user's time zone selected in the setup.

In addition, three toggles display on the page:

  • Grant Access to your Company Admin - enable administrators on your tenant to use SAP CPQ as the logged user until the selected date.
  • Grant Access to CallidusCloud Support - allow SAP Sales Cloud support to use SAP CPQ as the logged user until the selected date.
  • Out of office - choose backup approvers that will receive a copy of the approval request sent to the logged user.

Modify Personal Details

This page lets you can change your personal data (first and last name, address, etc.).

In ID Code enter the postal address code. This is a unique identifier of your address, in case you do not wish your full address to be visible.

Modify Password

On this page, you can modify your password according to the instructions.

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