In SAP CPQ, you can select and configure a product in the product catalog, add it to the quote, and send a proposal document to the customer.

Find a Product

Click Catalog to open the catalog and find a product. Products are organized into groups called Categories. To access a category, click the category image (if available) or name to display its contents (See Navigating Categories). This will display the products and sub-categories belonging to the selected category.

  • To view product details, click on the product name.
  • Select the Compare checkbox for products you would like to compare. Click the Compare button above the product catalog to display the product comparison page (See Comparing Products).
  • Switch between catalog views by clicking Switch to Tabular/List View on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Return to a previous category by clicking the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.

Add to Quote

Once you have found the product you wish to add to the quote, click Add.

This button is immediately available for simple products, which do not need to be configured before they are added to the quote.

If the Add button is not available, you will need to configure the product before it can be added to the quote.

  1. Click Configure.
    The configuration screen opens.
  2. Select options for the product on the configuration screen.
    Status: Complete appears once the configuration is complete.
  3. Click Add to Quote on the left-hand side.
    The configurable product is now added to the quote.

Products may have required options that must be selected before clicking Add to Quote. If the product is completely configured, you will see Status: Complete on the right-hand side of the screen. To see which options are required click Show me Why

For more information, see Configuring a Product.

Manage the Quote

Clicking Add to Quote opens the quote. The quote has three standard tabs: Quotation, Customer Info and Documents. Additional tabs can be added to the quote (See Customizing the Quote).

In the Quotation Tab, you can do the following:

  • View the quote number, the date when the quote was created or modified, the revision number and the status of the quote.
  • View product information, apply discounts, perform item actions, select freight, view total pricing and more (See Shopping Cart/Quote).
  • Select a market to price a quote in a different currency (See Cart Markets)
  • Perform actions such as:
    • Copy – Create a copy of the quote and start editing it.
    • Add Item – Add another product to the quote.
    • Place Order to ERP – Order the products.
    • Reprice – Refresh the quote after editing quantity, discounts, and so on.
    • Save Quote – Save the quote for future editing.
    • Generate Documents – Generate complex quote/proposal documents based on Word or Excel templates (See Document Generation). Actions are displayed above and below the Main Cart Area (See Cart and Item Actions).

Additionally, you can enter customer information on the Customer Info tab (See Entering Customer Information), and upload supporting documents in the Documents tab (See Including Attachments).
The default installation of SAP CPQ comes with an Additional Info tab to illustrate cart customization. All fields on this tab (Project Name, Additional Comments etc.) are custom fields. You can add an unlimited number of custom fields to your quote. For more information, see Customizing the Quote.

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