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<CATALOGUE> <CATEGORIES> <CATEGORY> <ID>1</ID> <NAME>Hardware</NAME> <RANK>10... GE> <PRODUCTS> <PRODUCT> <ID>30</ID> <NAME>SMB5 Desktop computer</NA... > </PRODUCT> <PRODUCT> <ID>1</ID> <NAME>SMB2 Desktop computer</NAM... > </PRODUCT> <PRODUCT> <ID>28</ID> <NAME>SMB3 Desktop computer</NA
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Quote.Revision.RevisionNumber\\ Quote.Opportunity.Id\\ Quote.Opportunity.Name\\ Quote.Status.Id\\ Quot... ote.SelectedShipping.Editable\\ Quote.CRMObject().Id\\ Quote.CRMObject().Name\\ Quote.Link.Crypted\\ Q... CompositeNumber\\ Quote.QuoteNumber\\ Quote.Owner.Id\\ Quote.Owner.Username\\ Quote.Owner.Name\\ Quote... Quote.Owner.CustomField()\\ Quote.Owner.UserType.Id\\ Quote.Owner.UserType.Name\\ Quote.Owner.Company
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sible="1" Required="0" FieldDisplayName="Customer Id" FieldDisplayType="" FieldDisplaySize="0" FieldSe... le="1" Required="0" FieldDisplayName="CRM Account Id" FieldDisplayType="" FieldDisplaySize="0" FieldSe... le="1" Required="0" FieldDisplayName="CRM Contact Id" FieldDisplayType="" FieldDisplaySize="0" FieldSe... sible="1" Required="0" FieldDisplayName="Customer Id" FieldDisplayType="" FieldDisplaySize="0" FieldSe
Audit Trail Logs: 30 Hits
p window appears with search fields: **Change Set ID, User, From** and **To**. - Enter the search t... ayed in the following columns: * **Change Set ID** – the ID of the [[adminhelp:audit_trail:change_... er the currently active change set. * **Change ID** – the ID of the specific change inside the chan... xample, **Application Parameter**). * **Entity ID** – the unique identifier of the specific SAP CPQ
XML Examples [[ as a Simple product display type. ===== System ID ===== To enable users to set the Product System ID, //Figure 2//, you must include the following child node: <ProductSystemId.> The full XPATH shoul... }} \\ //Figure 2 - Product Name// Product System ID supports all values, there is no restriction. It
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===== Object Identifier (System ID) ===== This page provides you with details about identifiers of different objects in SAP CPQ. \\ **System ID** is identifier for: * Products * Attributes * A... s * User Types * Shipping Method \\ **System ID** is among other fields that are displayed on for... (e.g. Attribute Value object form). \\ //System ID// is being created automatically based on the nam
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utes:addvaluesfromproducts.png|}} ===== External ID ===== External ID in Attributes Administration a... internal software. In other words, the External ID field will be populated with the logic from the c... will be able to populate the "Attribute External ID" //(Figure 1.1 )// {{:adminhelp:productadministr... es:add_new.png|}} Things to know about External ID: *It is not a required field. *The val
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{ "RatePlanTemplate": { "Id": "string", "Number": "string", ... "Charges": [ { "Id": "string", "ChargeType": "strin... "FixedRate": { "Id": "string", "Price": { ... "FixedFee": { "Id": "string", "Price": {
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|Yes|| |sessionId|String (100)|SalesForce session Id.|Yes|| |sfAPIUrl|String(100)|SalesForce API Url. ... d. <code> <iframe frameborder="0" height="1000" id="j_id1" name="j_id1" src="https://sandbox.webcomc... e username will be determined based on SF session ID provided. (So you need to log in to SFDC and perf... n to SAP CPQ (user mapped from SFDC whose session ID you took).</note> ===== Data Definition for
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kup Relationship | Related to Opportunity| |Owner ID|Number| Length - 18, Decimal Places – 0| |Primary|Checkbox| | |Quote ID|Number| Length - 18, Decimal Places - 0| |Total Net Price| Currency |Length -... tyle.overflow = "hidden"; } </script> <iframe id="iframe1" width="100%" scrolling="true" src="http... tyle.overflow = "hidden"; } </script> <iframe id="iframe1" width="100%" scrolling="true" src="http
Bulk upload for simple product translation: 16 Hits
guage//;#; \\ \\ Admin can choose between SAP CPQ ID and Part number as product identifier when he wants to import product translation. SAP CPQ ID is selected by default. When SAP CPQ ID is selected, ... arated with’||’. - IF object is product, system id will be system id of the product. - If object is attribute, system id should be populated with product system_id||attribute system_id. - If obj
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wn to container, and container can obtain product ID for this part number.\\ User can **select**, **d... the row is selected, container knows the product ID of this row, because it’s looked up based on part... observableArray([]), isExpanded: function(id) { return this.expandedContainers.indexOf(id) > -1; }, expandCollapse: function(id) { if (this.isExpanded(id)
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*USERID*> **|Gives the currently logged in user’s ID. Functions the same as <*CU_INFO(ID)*> |Number |See below… | |**<*CARTOWNER*> **|Gives the user ID for cart’s owner. Functions the same as <*CO_INFO(ID)*>) |Number |[EQ](<*USERID*>, <*CARTOWNER*>) – returns true if the currently logged in user’s id and the cart owner’s id are equal. This can be used behind an action for a cart or visibility rules.
Troubleshooting Common Issues During Deployment: 13 Hits
g method with the same name, but different system ID, exists on both the source and destination enviro... pe with the same group name, but different system ID, exists on both the source and destination enviro... To fix the issues, you need to change the system ID of the conflicted shipping method or user type in the source environment. To change the system ID of the shipping method: - In the source environ
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