Document Generation Troubleshooting

This section provides more information about common issues that may occur in the document generation setup, and ways to fix them.

  • An Illegal character in path error occurred when trying to preview a document.
    Names of additional files added to section templates are defined by formulas. If that formula contains an additional row, an Illegal character in path error will occur when trying to preview the document.

  • How to prevent tables in document generation templates from stretching?
    When adding tables to a document in a word processing program, columns are automatically resized and adjusted to their sibling columns by default. To set up a fixed column size in the template, open the word processing program and go to Table Tools > Layout > Properties (in the Table section of the ribbon) > Options > uncheck the Automatically Resize to Fit Contents checkbox.

  • What is the best way to reproduce a corrupted template issue?
    To reproduce a corrupted template issue, it is not necessary to generate a document each time. Instead, it is enough to identify the problematic template, section or additional file, and then preview it in the Setup with the appropriate cart composite number as an input.

  • What is the quickest fix for a corrupted template in the old document generation engine?
    Try the following steps:
    • Set the same font and font size for tags. A possible quick fix is to select the entire document body and set the same font and font size for the document.
    • Illegal characters or pdf files may cause issues when processing documents in the old engine. In the document itself, you can click File > Info > Check for Issues to remove special characters from the header or footer.

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