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promotion will be active. Also, you can choose an option //“Subsequent rank override”// that will cause al... d additional 5 with price 0. \\ \\ //Loop:// This option should be selected for discounting actions where ... two examples \\ \\ **Example 1:** If you select option „All Items Same Price” under //“Calculaton type”/... unted by 30% each. **Example 2: ** If you select option //„Each Brake Own Price“// then if you buy 4 item
Renewal Management: 12 Hits
product or service to some customer, you have the option to create an Asset. Later, when you want to resel... Meaning that the asset is renewed (//Update Asset option// is not checked), and new asset is created from ... options //;#; \\ ==== Update Assets ==== If this option is selected, then when //Create Asset// action is... chased// to //Pending//. In the contrary, if this option is not selected, then the existing asset changes
Email Customers / Quote Acceptance Settings: 8 Hits
ustomers / Quote Acceptance Settings ====== This option can be used when there is need to customize defau... can attach generated document to the Email. This option is: ** - SAP CPQ Admin is able to define whether option to attach document is hidden, visible, or pre-selected for the user.\\ **Predefine Email Subj... tach generated document to opportunity. \\ **Hide option to send document to opportunity from user** - Set
Application Parameters: 7 Hits
simple product administration. * **Show Allow Option for Simple product rules**: defines whether Users have the option to allow a previously disallowed attribute dependency rule. * **Use Badgeville I... the Catalog. * **Attribute comparation display option**: enables administrators to permit Users to comp... o the product except rules.\\ To demonstrate this option, the product “Warranty” is modified by adding the
Approval for Product Options (Attribute): 6 Hits
n quote. \\ • Approval process based on specific option(s) selected within a configuration.\\ For example... let’s assume an approval is required for warranty option (4 Year ProSupport and 4 Year NBD On-site Service... in approval rule \\ **Step 1: Setup Product with Option/Attribute (if necessary)**\\ Be sure the specific option/attribute is setup in the product. When approval is conditioned based on a specific product
Setting Up an Anonymous User: 6 Hits
rs ** it is necessary to click the **Companies ** option to create a new company (i.e. "GuestUserCompany")... After that, user has to click the **User Groups** option – leave the Start Page option empty and do not ch... al menu and click on the **Workflow Permissions** option. User will choose the **by User Types Premission*... er account can be created. Click on the **Users **option under the Users menu and choose **Add New**. Make
Attribute Container: 6 Hits
ainer columns ==== Depending of selected display option on product attribute details container column wil... Attachment * Free Form exact match w. Otherwise option * Free Form, Exact Match * Free Form, Match l... products if you are using "Transfer to container" option.\\ ** Edit row action ** If container uses prod... collapsible by default. While there is no system option to enable this feature in responsive design, the
Custom Fields: 5 Hits
or "Once, when quote is created" calculation type option (<*CTX(Quote.QuoteNumber)*>,<*GI(CART_OWNER_ID)*>... he matrix of user groups and statuses. To set an option to a cell click the cell to display a pop-up where the option can be selected. There are six different types of cells in the matrix that can be defined: * **All Permissions** - Sets the same option for all the cells in the matrix. Click the upper
Customer Field Permissions: 4 Hits
Fields - Advances Permissions//;#; \\ To set an option to a cell click the cell to display a pop-up where the option can be selected. You can easily copy permissions from another customer role’s field by... defined: * **All Permissions** - Sets the same option for all the cells in the matrix. Click the upper... n on the previous screen.\\ <note>Selecting an option for a cell that includes all statuses or all user
Access Rights: 4 Hits
ess Rights ==== \\ **Access Rights** gives you an option to hide some of the **Setup** sections and entiti... the administrator who requested it will have the option to assign access rights for **Setup** sections an... ettings === \\ This tab offers administrators the option to select individual administrators or custom per... only and edit access rights to a particular Setup option**. If the toggle switch is active and administrat
Rules Admin: 4 Hits
pendencies’. If application parameter ‘Show Allow Option for Simple product rules’ is set to TRUE, option ... l also be displayed in the drop down (as the last option) Admin will be able to look up attributes that a... t rules'//(Default value:FALSE) and '//Show Allow Option for Simple product rules//'(Default value:FALSE)
Creating a Document Generation Template: 3 Hits
documents without any sections. \\ Selecting this option disables the **Sections** and **Format Permission... cuments with multiple sections. \\ Selecting this option disables the **Template Creation Tool**, the file... ed in a multi-section document. \\ Selecting this option disables the **Sections** and **Format Permission
Product Nesting: 3 Hits
in the container if the **Open New Configurator** option is selected. If this option is not selected, the... uct Attributes/Options tab. The List as Line Item option needs to be selected for the attribute in order t
Manage Content Documents: 3 Hits
*Delete documents listed above** - selecting this option before clicking **Delete** deletes all the docume... ts that match entered criteria** - selecting this option before clicking **Delete** deletes all the docume... ve. * **Delete all documents** - selecting this option before clicking **Delete** deletes all content do
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