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Specific SAP CPQ Prerequisites: 6 Hits
hese actions on that tenant. * Actions **Place Order**, **Copy**, **Reassign** and **Delete** are not supported. * Workflow: * action **Place Order in ERP** changes the status **Open** to **Order Confirmation Pending**. * action **Order Status Update** changes the status **Order Confirmation Pending to Order Placed**. * No actions are available for customer roles. * The end-user role is
Customers: 3 Hits
Updates and Status Change: 2 Hits
d|Open|Pending| |Customer Rejected|Open|Pending| |Order Placed|Completed|Won| |Order FAILED|Open|Pending|
REST API Authentication: 1 Hits
uthentication is only used for Setup Spa APIs. In order to access any part of SAP CPQ Setup via REST API,
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