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Federation Settings: 24 Hits
ies to sign in. * **SignOut** - select the sign-out method to be used with this identity provider. * **Federated** - after signing out, you are signed out of every application within the federation. * **Local** - after signing out, you are only signed out of the application you are in. *... **Custom** - specify an address yo which the sign-out request is sent (used if, for example, a script n
Out of Office for Approvers: 15 Hits
====== Out of Office for Approvers ====== The Out-of-Office feature for SAP CPQ approvals enables Appro... th while you are away, you should make use of the Out-of-Office feature and choose one or multiple back... uring a successful approval process while you are out of office.\\ ---- ====== Enable the Out-of-Office Feature ====== To turn on the out-of-office mode and start assigning backup approvers, take the f
MS Dynamics CRM and CPQ integration: 9 Hits
// Figure 9 - Change Tab’s label //;#; \\ \\ Fill out form fields //Name// and //Label//, and click **O... \\ Sub-Grid properties window is displayed. Fill out form fields as depicted in Figure 11 and describe... log box for adding new Web Resource is open. Fill out fields as depicted in Figure 16 and instructed be... ame is displayed. * Under //General// tab fill out the required fields as depicted in Figure 22 and
CRM Integration Use: 9 Hits
very time he access CPQ. \\ If the session times out while in CPQ, the login screen may appear. This
Netsuite Integration With SAP CPQ: 8 Hits
/Figure 3.1//;#; <note important>Once you fill out the form, write down the number from the URL fiel... gure 6.1//;#; Once the page opens, fill the form out with the appropriate data. //(See Figure 6.2)// \... is integrated with// drop-down menu. *Fill out //NetSuite SingeSignOn url// field with the appro... tsuite-20.png }} ;#;//Figure 7.1//;#; *Fill out //NetSuite Consumer Key// and //Netsuite shared S
Salesforce Integration Instructions: 7 Hits
pp// ;#; \\ Input form (figure 4) is shown. Fill out the input fields with the data below. * in **Ap... alesforceusersonly:4.png }} ;#;// Figure 4 - Fill out object's data// ;#; \\ You can access the quote ... Choose data type// ;#; \\ Click **Next** and fill out the following fields //.(See figure 10)// {{ :ad... ew// ;#; \\ View creation form is displayed. Fill out fields this way: * //View Name//: **CPQ Instal
Federated Single Sign-On (FSSO): 7 Hits
* [[adminhelp:federation#Federated Single Sign-Out|Federated Single Sign Out (FSLO)]] - signs out us... SAP CPQ environment. === Federated Single Sign-Out === For the FSLO profile (Sign-Out Flow), Redire... SAP CPQ supports local and federated single sign-out scenarios. For the post sign-out, we support defa... ssing covers response actions received after sign-out (for example, redirecting to specific URL or call
Audit Trail Logs: 6 Hits
parameter). * **Action** – any change carried out by the administrator or the user (such as **Add**... a product). * **Action** – any change carried out by the user (such as logging in, creating a quote... figuration. * **Action** – any change carried out by the administrator (such as **Add**, **Change**... n attribute). * **Action** – any change carried out by the administrator (such as **Add**, **Change**
n Excel file containing table data. You must fill out the table with source columns representing possib... to add columns to the table //(Figure 4)//. Fill out the names of your Source and Result columns and d... list of tables and click the **Eye icon** to fill out the data in your Source and Result columns. //(Fi... ng new columns//;#; \\ Now you are going to fill out relevant Source column fields //(Figure 13)//.
er of characters in Node LINE ITEM DESCRIPTION is out allowed limit” ===== Rank Within Cart in Pro... g message: “Number of characters in Node LABEL is out allowed limit” ===== Attribute Hint In Produc... ng message: “Number of characters in Node HINT is out allowed limit” * If this Node has a value an... ge: “Number of characters in Node BUTTON TEXT is out allowed limit” ===== Script Attachment in Button
Logging In and Out: 4 Hits
====== Logging In and Out ====== Logging in and out of SAP CPQ is performed on the login screen. \\ \\ ... username** and **Automatically login**.\\ To log out of SAP CPQ, access the menu under your name in the top right corner and click **Log Out**. \\ ===== Pre-populating the Domain for the Login Page ====
Bulk User Import/Export: 4 Hits
efining user details), **IMPORTANT INFO** (points out the mandatory fields and states the restrictions ... lows you to export a predefined template, fill it out with user details and reimport it into SAP CPQ. I... pen the Excel template on your computer. - Fill out the columns in **Users** and save the file. \\ Find the instructions for filling out the templates in the below section **Template Guidelines**. -
Users: 3 Hits
Promotions: 2 Hits
User Types: 2 Hits
Setup Home: 2 Hits
Define Table: 1 Hits
Security: 1 Hits
Sequences: 1 Hits
User Page: 1 Hits
Triggers: 1 Hits
Quote 2.0: 1 Hits
Action Tags: 1 Hits
Change Set: 1 Hits
Scripts: 1 Hits
Companies: 1 Hits
Enablement: 1 Hits
Categories: 1 Hits
Currencies: 1 Hits
Guest User: 1 Hits
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