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====== PRODUCT ADMINISTRATION WEB METHOD ====== **Function name:** ProductAdministration\\ **Function des... 1. Add Products\\ 2. Delete Products\\ 3. Update Product information\\ 4. Add/Update/Delete product data in multiple languages\\ The Simple Product Administration SAP CPQ API can maintain simple products i... pdate products in SAP CPQ. Note that you can view Product Administration Input XML Examples [[http://help.w
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====== Product Import ====== ===== How To Instructions ===== The Product Import administrative section a... inistration:productimport.jpg }} ;#;// Figure A - Product Import page//;#; \\ The Product Import administr... ed under the **Products** admin menu (**Products->Product Import**). From this page user can download the t... ts that match entered criteria, or just go to the Product Import page. (Figure B)\\ {{ productadministrati
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lowing tabs: **General Parameters**, **Users**, **Product Catalog**, **Configurator**, **Shopping Cart and ... lly show only active products in administration's product list**: includes only active products when set to... ch by rank (**Attribute Value Sort Rank**), Id (**Product Attribute Value Id**), or by the catalog code len... t is secure for license purchasing. * **Unique Product Codes**: determines whether product codes are uni
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====== Product Display Types ====== The product display type is selected on the [[adminhelp:productadminis... ucts:productsetupwizardpsw:step1productdefinition|Product Definition]] tab of the [[adminhelp:productadmini... ducts:productsetupwizardpsw:productsetupwizardpsw|Product Editor]]. A product can be set as one of the following product display types: * Simple Product * Configurable Product * Collection of Configur
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Identificator> node. If it contains "PartNumber", product would be searched based on provided part number (... node <PartNumber>). If it contains "ProductName", product will be searched based on provided product name (... by <Identificator> node can return more than one product so multiple products can be updated with same data. If it contains anything else, product will be searched by CPQ ID provided in node <CPQProductID
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====== Product Attributes ====== Attributes for a product can be defined either through the Product Setup Wizard or through the Manual Product Definition. You can define attribute in Product Setup Wizard ... tes through the manual definition method in the **Product Attributes **section under the** Current Product ... ure that any attributes you intend to use for the product have already been added to the category. See the
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====== Product Nesting ====== Setting up product nesting or hierarchical products is a way to create compl... onfigurations within configurations. This type of product configuration structure can be setup with unlimit... other configurations is referred to as the parent product or configuration. While the configurations that are being referenced are referred to as child product or configuration. For example, the user may en
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{{indexmenu_n>47}} ====== Product Types ====== Product Types can be used in tracking quotation and order i... is having separate subtotals in the cart for each product type. Users then have the ability to discount by product type. Each product created in the system will be assigned one Product Type. Multiple product types within a product can be achieved by setting attributes within a product to a different pro
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of other attributes. Rather than writing complex product rules where attributes need to be dynamically add... xpanded, either by a set of attributes or another product.\\ Container has structure like a table. Its col... You are allowed to define a container without any product and attribute. If this is a case, then its rows a... \\ Also, you can define a container without any product but with some attributes in columns. In this case
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{{indexmenu_n>4210}} ====== Product Definition Tab====== This tab defines the basics of the product.\\ ;#;... tsetupwizardpsw:slika22.jpg|}};#; ;#;//Figure A - Product Basics//;#;\\ <note> SAP CPQ supports product r... ular View only. As such, SAP CPQ does not support product ranking in List View. </note> At the top of the ... reen, there is a radio button that determines the product display type. See [[adminhelp:productadministrati
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{{indexmenu_n>46}} ====== Simple Product Import ====== The Simple Product Import administrative section al... es the beginning steps of creating a configurable product easier too. For more information on what is a simple product [[adminhelp:productadministration:simpleproductimport#What Defines a Simple Product?|What Defines a Simple Product?]] \\ Simple Product Import allows not only importing new simple product
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====== Products ====== The Product administrative section allows setting up new and existing products. Acc... be seen in two views: by Category and through the Product list. User can toggle between the two views by cl... page labeled either by **Category** or through **Product list**. \\ \\ <note> In **Setup** > **Product Cat... office application, such as SAP ERP. </note> \\ Product definition in SAP CPQ can be done in two ways: [[
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his opens up the delete Customers page. \\ <note>Product deletion can only happen if a product is not used... delete existing products in the system.\\ ===== Product Catalog Administration ===== ==== Delete Product(s)===== Existing product(s) can be deleted from the system in two ways, either **manually** (only one at a time) or through **product Import** (bulk) by setting the delete column to 1 and then impor
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