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Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side: 25 Hits
the following: - **Send customers along with quote payload**: enable the toggle switch so that SAP C... ls such as bill-to and ship-to, together with the quote data to the SAP system. The quote data is sent in the XML format. - **Dates in quote standard fields (e.g. Date Created, Date Modified…) will be... this field empty. - **Endpoint that sends CPQ quote to SAP systems**: a relative endpoint of the SAP
Involved Parties (Quote Teams): 18 Hits
====== Involved Parties (Quote Teams) ====== Grouping users into teams enables parallel work on one quote and allows quote owners to assign quote sections to different teams. Quote owners create administra... Consequently, multiple teams can work on the same quote and on different sections at the same time, witho... otes, based on their rights, is as follows: * **Quote Owner** - the default involved party with maximum
Updates and Status Change: 13 Hits
ustomer to SAP CPQ only). All changes made on the quote in SAP CPQ are sent to SAP Cloud for Customer either automatically after users save the quote or when triggering the **Update Sales Quote** action. Additionally, if the **Automatically Update Sales Quote** parameter is enabled, whenever the quote status is changed in SAP CPQ, the sales quote in SAP Cloud for Customer is updated accordingly. Also, when
Specific SAP CPQ Prerequisites: 7 Hits
made manually if you use an existing tenant. * Quote custom fields **Opportunity Name** and **Opportun... lculation type for the **Valid to** (previously **Quote Expiration Date**) custom field is changed to **Once, when quote is created**. * The application parameter **URLs that may Embed CPQ** is populated... **Update Opportunity And Create Update SAP Sales Quote**, **Create Update SAP Sales Quote**, **Attach Do
SAP Cloud for Customer - CPQ Integration: 6 Hits
ments.\\ The main improvement is that the SAP CPQ quote now acts as the only quote in SAP Cloud for Customer, while the SAP Cloud for Customer sales quote is created in the background. After landing the first time to SAP CPQ, the sales quote created in SAP Cloud for Customer is no longer editable and opening it opens the quote in SAP CPQ. Additionally, the user journey on the SAP Cloud for Customer sid
REST API Authentication: 2 Hits
api/v1/health * /api/v1/Maintenance * /api/v1/quote/ * /api/scim <note>Methods available for REST A... ===== Basic authentication is available only for Quote 2.0 APIs.\\ {{:appendixd:cpq_basicauth_api.png?70
Customers: 1 Hits
country code. If the country does not exist, the quote is not created and a message stating that the cus
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