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Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 91 Hits
trated in the image, master material is sent from SAP ERP to SAP Cloud Platform Integration over SAP IDocs. SAP Cloud Platform Integration then calls the SAP CPQ SOAP API, and the following product data is sent from SAP ERP to SAP CPQ: * name * description * part number * material number (which becomes system ID in SAP CPQ) * unit of measure * catalog/hierarchy (which becomes category in
SAP CPQ and SAP CLM Integration: 72 Hits
====== SAP CPQ and SAP CLM Integration ====== This functionality enables customers to integrate seamlessly with SAP CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) from SAP CPQ. In other words, the integration enables sales reps to send contracts to SAP CLM for redlining and negotiation directly from SAP CPQ. SAP CLM is a quick, user-friendly solution that automates contract management from inception to term
Application Parameters: 71 Hits
* **When users enter several words in search box, SAP CPQ will find products based on each entered word... arching based on entire phrase) **: regulates how SAP CPQ filters products. * **Do not email login d... dmin**: defines whether a new User created by the SAP CPQ admin receives an email notification with log... ddress used to contact administration, notify the SAP CPQ admin about new user registration and email o
(Legacy) SAP Cloud for Customer Integration Setup on the SAP CPQ Side: 68 Hits
====== (Legacy) SAP Cloud for Customer Integration Setup on the SAP CPQ Side ====== All communication from SAP CPQ to SAP Cloud for Customer goes over the SAP Cloud Platform Integration , a BUS service ... API that processes CPQ requests was developed on SAP Cloud Platform Integration .\\ To integrate SAP CPQ with SAP Cloud for Customer, you first need to enable the SAP provider and define common setting
Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side: 58 Hits
====== Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side ====== To integrate SAP CPQ with SAP Subscription Billing... market timezones. - [[Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side#Adding Subscriptions to Events|Set up a connection with SAP Cloud Platform Integration]] in **Setup** > **Providers** > **Subscription to Events**. - [[Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side#Setting Up SAP Subscription Billing|Set up the
Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side: 55 Hits
====== Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side ====== To integrate SAP CPQ with SAP Cloud for Customer, you first need to enable the SAP provider and define common settings. ==== Enabling SAP Provider and ... to **Setup** > **Providers** > **Providers** > **SAP**. \\ Available SAP providers display. \\ {{:admi... 1905:cpq_1905_c4c_providers.png?700}} - Click **SAP Cloud Platform**. \\ A new page displays. - On
Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing: 54 Hits
====== Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing ====== <note>SAP Variant Configu... done in the manner outlined in the {{|SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing administration gu... iguration and pricing data between cloud solution SAP CPQ and the licensee’s local on-premise SAP ERP b
SAP ERP Integration: 52 Hits
====== SAP ERP Integration ====== The SAP CPQ–SAP ERP integration keeps the data synchronized between ... tems in real time.\\ Key benefits of integrating SAP CPQ with SAP ERP are as follows: * Products are synchronized directly from a remote SAP ERP system. * Prices for simple products are sent from SAP ERP to SAP CPQ pricebooks over SAP Cloud Platform Integration. * Product and pricing data is alw
System Requirements for SAP Integrations: 52 Hits
====== System Requirements for SAP Integrations ====== Before integrating SAP CPQ with another SAP app... d information is valid for the current release of SAP CPQ. ^ Application ^ System Requirements ^ Other Required Components ^ | **SAP ERP for simple products (without variant configuration)** | SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 0 or higher | SAP Cloud Platform Integration | | ::: | :::
Provider Settings: 45 Hits
main adjustments for enabling the integration in SAP CPQ are managed in the **Providers** section.\\ *... quisite**: to have an integration user created in SAP CLM. - Go to **Setup** > **Providers** > **Pr... with available providers displays. - Click the SAP CLM card. \\ A page with two tabs displays. \\ **... - Fill out the fields with data you received upon SAP CLM tenant creation. * **Use CLM Integrati
SAP General Attribute Mappings: 44 Hits
====== SAP General Attribute Mappings ====== After connecting SAP CPQ to SAP Variant Configuration and ... to **Setup** > **Providers** > **Providers** > **SAP**. \\ Available SAP providers display. \\ {{:admi... ral_attribute_mappings_icon.png?500}} - Click **SAP General Attribute Mappings**. \\ A new page displ... product rules and pricing procedure evaluation in SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing. If it is not u
Field Mapping: 44 Hits
ns how fields are mapped between a sales quote in SAP Cloud for Customer and a quote in SAP CPQ. === Qu... uote is mapped with the quote composite number in SAP CPQ. === Currency, Market and Pricebook === A **D... re. The **Sales Organization** corresponds to the SAP CPQ **Market Code** and the **Distribution Channel** corresponds to the same name field on the SAP CPQ pricebook.\\ The currency contains a currency
Limitations and Known Issues 2002: 42 Hits
2 ====== \\ The list describes the limitations of SAP CPQ for the 2002 release. \\ * When autocomplet... ccess Rights** feature allows assigning read-only SAP CPQ **Setup** options to administrators only for ... ustom fields is supported only by Quote 2.0. * SAP CPQ classic design does not support **Data Deleti... During the export/import process of companies in SAP CPQ, currently there is an error when a full name
Introduction to the Variant Configuration Integration: 38 Hits
iguration Integration ====== ===== Why Integrate SAP CPQ with Variant Configuration ===== Variant Con... onfiguring exceedingly complex products. Although SAP CPQ also supports product configuration, Variant ... Variant Configuration models can be recreated in SAP CPQ, that would come at a high cost in terms of t... hat is why the primary motivation for integrating SAP CPQ with Variant Configuration is eliminating the
General: 25 Hits
Adding Items: 24 Hits
Prerequisites: 20 Hits
Customers: 16 Hits
Scripting: 15 Hits
SAP CPQ API: 14 Hits
Quote 2.0: 13 Hits
CPQC: 13 Hits
Users: 8 Hits
Rules Admin: 8 Hits
Products: 7 Hits
Environments: 7 Hits
Pricebooks: 7 Hits
Time Zones: 6 Hits
Promotions: 6 Hits
Setup Home: 5 Hits
Dictionaries: 5 Hits
Companies: 5 Hits
Change Set: 5 Hits
User Page: 5 Hits
Categories: 5 Hits
Guest User: 4 Hits
Products 2.0: 4 Hits
User Types: 4 Hits
Security: 4 Hits
Enablement: 4 Hits
SFDC Details: 3 Hits
Statuses: 3 Hits
Define Table: 3 Hits
Reports: 3 Hits
CRM Quote: 3 Hits
Currencies: 3 Hits
Email Lists: 3 Hits
Branding: 3 Hits
Sequences: 3 Hits
Top menu: 3 Hits
Top menu: 3 Hits
Markets: 2 Hits
SAP CPQ Tags: 2 Hits
Event Log: 2 Hits
User Journey: 2 Hits
Debugger: 1 Hits
CTX Tags: 1 Hits
CRM Objects: 1 Hits
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Triggers: 1 Hits
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Tabs: 1 Hits
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Quote Tables: 1 Hits
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