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Quick Product Search in the Quote: 32 Hits
====== Quick Product Search in the Quote ====== Quick product search on ‘Add Products’ section is used f... r, product name or description. When user enters search criteria, SAP CPQ will look for products that have entered search criteria anywhere in the part number/name/description, or on the beginning of the w... ppingcart-quote:improveproductsearch.jpg }} When search doesn’t produce any results (both within favorite
Application Parameters: 31 Hits
*TRUE**. * **When users enter several words in search box, SAP CPQ will find products based on each ent... login details are remembered. * **In Reverse Search, Sort Attributes Values By**: enables the sorting of attribute values in reverse search by rank (**Attribute Value Sort Rank**), Id (**Product Attrib... headers as the Reply-to email. * **Show Reverse Search**: controls whether the Description/Part Number s
Audit Trail Logs: 30 Hits
]. ===== Filtering and Searching ===== You can search the audit trail records by performing a global search, an advanced search or by using the quick filter. Additionally, you can select which audit t... idual columns and clicking **Save**. === Global Search === To perform a global search across all tabs, ... rner of the page. \\ A pop-up window appears with search fields: **Change Set ID, User, From** and **To**.
Quick Search and Advanced Search: 29 Hits
========Quick Search and Advanced Search======== ==== Quick Search ==== //Catalog Quick Search// works with an autocomplete option. Users conduct the search by entering a key word(s) for the name/description of the product they are looking for. Quick Search will look for the product’s name/description in t... nguage. If it doesn’t find the translation, Quick Search will then look for the product name/description i
Search Fields: 26 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>66}} ====== Search Fields ====== The Search Fields administration allows controlling which ... ed on a per user group basis and can ordered. The search fields available include quote information, custo... administration:quotefilter.png|}} ;#;//Figure A - Search Fields on Filter// ;#; \\ When users want to save... ill save maximum 50 quotes per page. \\ \\ The** Search Fields** administrative section can be accessed u
Customer Searching Rules: 24 Hits
===== There are two scenarios for performing the search. \\ 1. There are no SearchFields provided: ID an... ID field is empty, ExternaID will be used for the search. \\ \\ 2. We have two cases if SearchFields are... ute of SearchFields node: * Priority = "1"; the search will be performed as a combination of the fields that are provided as search fields. If the search fails (returns none or multiple Customers), the se
Products 2.0: 24 Hits
ickly filter products, enter one of the following search queries in the search box: * name * part number Additionally, when using the **Advanced Search**, products can be filtered by: * name * part... ission Groups**.\\ To do so, you can: * Type a search query into the **Available Permissions Groups** search box. \\ Permission groups matching the entered search query display as you type. * Either cl
Quick Config (also referred to as Reverse Search ): 21 Hits
====== Quick Config (also referred to as Reverse Search ) ====== The purpose of the Quick Config functiona... to configure for the particular product. If your search query matches the search pattern for that product... ct, preselects attributes that you stated in your search query and finally adds product to the quote. \\ \... gn** quick config, you should choose "Part Number Search" from the dropdown, type your search term and cli
Guided Selling: 21 Hits
=== Guided Selling ====== Guided Selling Product Search enables users to conduct an attribute-based search of products in Catalog. This is done by narrowing a Catalog product list based on previously selec... ation:template.png|}} To define a Guided Product Search model, go to Setup>Product Catalog>Guided Selling... ect attributes and values users should be able to search by other Catalog products. Add attributes to the
Permission Groups: 17 Hits
rmission groups, enter enter one of the following search queries in the search box: * permission group n... ername. Additionally, when using the **Advanced Search**, permission groups can be filtered by: * perm... group name * description * members ==== User Search Logic ==== To add Users to a group, Administrators can perform simple and/or advanced search or browse for specific Users. To do a simple search, you
Custom Table Web Method - Input Parameters: 15 Hits
. If set to 1, the column will be considered as a search criteria|FirstName|Text|50| |Value|Value for spec... f they don’t exist. The action takes into account search criteria defined in the input XML. \\ Any column can be set as a search criteria by adding the //key// attribute to the column and setting its value... lumn node can’t have ‘CpqTableEntryId’ value. The search will be performed on search criteria, where AND c
Adding Products to a Cart: 15 Hits
uct by navigating categories or through the quick search, then configuring it and adding it to quote. Once... the Add Item action, user can also use the quick search field to find a product. Once a product is found through a description or part number search, he can configure it and add to quote. The original quo... y to add a product to a quote. \\ Quick product search on ‘Add Products’ section is used for finding all
View/Export Personally Identifiable Information: 13 Hits
t PII**. \\ A new page displays. - Select the **Search Users** option. - Start typing the name, userna... etween them. - Click **Filter Data**. \\ The **Search Filter** popup displays. - Select the objects... ustom Tables** - Click **Apply**. - Click **Search Data**. \\ To filter all objects, click Search Da... s do not have usernames, so when you select the **Search Customers** button, you need to enter a customer’
Quickly Add Products: 10 Hits
ction of the administration:\\ * Enable product search by part number in ‘Add Products’ section of the quote\\ * Enable product search by product name in ‘Add Products’ section of the quote\\ * Enable product search by product name and description in ‘Add Products’ section of the quote\\ * Show Part Number as part of product search results in ‘Add Products’ section of the quote\\ * Show Produc
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