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{{indexmenu_n>46}} ====== Simple Product Import ====== The Simple Product Import administrative section allows creating as many simple products in an Excel spreadsheet as needed, then upload them into CPQ. Once imported, simple products can easily be converted to configurable products. This makes not only creating multiple simple products easier, but it also makes the beginning steps of creating a co
Application Parameters: 18 Hits
ny script in the system. * **Display table for simple product rules**: defines whether SAP CPQ displays... a table for setting attribute dependency rules in simple product administration. * **Show Allow Option for Simple product rules**: defines whether Users have the option to allow a previously disallowed a... rouped on one page. * **Allow view details for simple products in catalogue**: enables administrators t
Product Nesting: 16 Hits
ifferent ways: - Attribute value(s) referencing simple products - The simple product’s name, part nu... to setup product nesting, which can be done using simple products or configurable products. The type of p... d also the product display type required. ==== Simple Products ==== Simple products are referenced in ... the parent product. This provides a way for the simple product to be quoted separately from the catalog
Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 13 Hits
that are imported from SAP ERP in this way become simple products in SAP CPQ and are placed in the presele... a back office application, such as SAP ERP. \\ \\ Simple products previously imported from SAP ERP get the... \\ Editing the quantity of a synchronized item (simple or configurable) in the quote triggers repricing ... edge base structure, the synchronization converts simple products to either configurable products or paren
Product Display Types: 11 Hits
s one of the following product display types: * Simple Product * Configurable Product * Collection o... rent behavior for the product. For example the **Simple Product** display type requires no configuration ... n:productnesting|]] for more information. ===== Simple Product ===== A Simple Product does not require a... Layout and Rules tabs are both inactive when the Simple Product display type is selected. A simple pro
Creating a Document Generation Template: 10 Hits
lations to display. On this page, you can create simple, multi-section and section templates. All templat... for their documents, only output templates (both simple and multi-section) are available on the user side... ss to different tabs when editing a template. For simple templates, **Sections** is disabled, and for mult... ents** is available when editing multi-section or simple templates. The **Filename** column is always bla
Rules Admin: 10 Hits
king of either the Trigger or the Rule. ===== Simple product rules ===== In SAP CPQ Setup-> Products,... ab ‘Rules’, a new table will be displayed called ‘Simple Rules’. This will be a different representation o... dminrules.png }} ;#;//Product rules//;#; Table ‘Simple rules’ will be displayed if application parameter ‘Display table for simple product rules’ is set to TRUE. This table will contain rules from the cur
/Delete product data in multiple languages\\ The Simple Product Administration SAP CPQ API can maintain simple products in SAP CPQ, and it’s capable of creating/updating configurable products to some exten... stration:figure1.png|}} Supported values: *Simple *Configurable *System *Collection ... r it is left vacant, the system will read it as a Simple product display type. ===== System ID ===== T
Simple Product Administration Web Method: 8 Hits
====== Simple Product Administration Web Method ====== **Function name:** SimpleProductAdministration\\ *... Administration function can be used to:\\ 1. Add Simple Products\\ 2. Delete Simple Products\\ 3. Update Simple Product information\\ 4. Add/Update/Delete product data in multiple languages\\ 5. Make Simple Products Active / Inactive \\ **List of Action values for this function**: * ADDORUPDATE * DE
Permission Groups: 8 Hits
add Users to a group, Administrators can perform simple and/or advanced search or browse for specific Users. To do a simple search, you select User Types, Companies, Markets and Brands. The logic AND is ap... a group, the logic OR is applied. When combining simple and advanced search, the logic AND is applied. Th... s who work in SAP Sales Cloud, you should combine simple and advanced search.\\ {{:adminhelp:usersadminist
Products: 8 Hits
ed in the PSW with four different configurations: Simple, Configurable, Collection of Configurable Product... Parent-Child products and Configurable System. **Simple** and **Configurable** apply to single products, ... he user to configure one or more configurable and simple products simultaneously. Upon configuration, one ... iple Product Configurations]] chapter. \\ * **Simple |** A simple product is one that may or may not h
Adding Products: 7 Hits
s manually or via product import. \\ \\ To import simple products: - Click **Setup » Products » Simple P... ** - Click **Sample Products** and download the Simple Product Import Template. - Populate the templat... olumns on the **Important Info** sheet tab of the Simple Product Import Template.</note> For more informat... minhelp:productadministration:simpleproductimport|Simple Product Import]]. \\ \\ To add a simple product
Example Templates: 6 Hits
rieving specific data. The templates contain some simple examples and should be used as a reference for th... er_tags_example.xlsx|Container Tags Example}} - a simple template for retrieving data from a container col... n_tags:quote_tables.xlsx|Quote Tables Excel}} - a simple template for retrieving data from a quote table. ... ument_generation_tags:c2_loop_simple.docx|C2 Loop Simple}} - a simple template that lists items, their des
Delegating Authority for Simple Products: 6 Hits
====== Delegating Authority for Simple Products ====== You can delegate authority for simple products in the **Simple Products** subsection. The page shows all conditions created for delegating authority for simple products management.\\ To add a new condition, click **Add New**. The page that opens is di... elegated users can manage. ---- On the **Manage Simple Products** page, delegated users add and import s
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