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==== The parent Tabs node can have a child node Tab. To enable users to add a child node Tab to the parent node Tabs, add a new child node <Tab> to the <Tabs> input XML node. The full XPATH should look this way: //Products/Product/Tabs/Tab// This node is optional. If the node is not present in inp... ithout crashing or returning error messages. The Tab node can include the following nodes: __1. Tab S
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ion parameters are logged in the **User Actions** tab of the **Audit Trail**. The following information... ains the parameters in the **General Parameters** tab. * **DB Version**: defines the current databas... eck for Excel files uploaded in the **Documents** tab on quotes. The Excel file is checked if its exten... ing list explains the parameters in the **Users** tab. \\ * **Check For 5-digit Zip Code Number For C
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on, such as SAP ERP.</note> ===== Definition Tab ===== - The **Unit of Measure** field enables you... ucts 2.0** administration page. ===== Attributes Tab ===== Attributes can be filtered by specific and ... ne item * display type * number of values * tab in the configurator where attribute is placed By... s that will be displayed under the **Attributes** tab as well as the columns in the **Attribute Values
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- Select form to edit//;#; \\ Form for adding new tab is displayed //(See Figure 8)//. \\ \\ {{ :adminh... rsonly:mscrm_8.png }} ;#;// Figure 8 - Adding new tab //;#; \\ \\ Click on //INSERT // tab at the top menu, then click on One Column. New tab is created with its default name //“Tab”//. \\ Double click on //“Tab”// label to open **Tab Properties** dialog box. Here you can change label from its default
ot allowed. Parent The Tabs node has a child node Tab, and nodes within the Tab node are as follows: Sy... sibilityPermission, Visibility condition and Show tab header in configuration. Supported values includ... ing: * **LayoutTemplate** - string. This is tab configuration’s exact name. In order to set the tab layout template over API call, that file must have been created in SAP CPQ already; otherwise, t
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{{indexmenu_n>62}} ====== Quote Tab Permissions ====== The Quote Tab Permissions allows managing visib... all status and to all permission groups.\\ Quote tab permissions are managed under **Setup** > **Quotes** > **Quote Tab Permissions**. When you access the page, a list with the following data for all existing permissions is displayed: * **Tab** - the name of the tab for which the permission is creat
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ith multiple tabs. \\ The **Template Definition** tab opens by default. <note>If you upload a Microsof... file revisions table and the **Additional Files** tab. * **Section template** - a section to be inclu... s is not available in the **Template Definition** tab. Instead, you need to separately upload a documen... _document_generation_template#Sections|Sections]] tab of that multi-section template. </note> When sim
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ot allowed with Simple products * Nodes within Tab node are: - **<SystemId>**: This is tab unique... s: //any//. <code>xPATH: //Products/Product/Tabs/Tab/SystemId</code> - **<name>**: Supported values: //text//. <code>xPATH: //Products/Product/Tabs/Tab/Name</code> - **<ProductTabRank>**: Supported v... //integer//. <code>xPATH: //Products/Product/Tabs/Tab/ProductTabRank</code> - **<LayoutTemplate>**: T
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add new tabs if needed.\\ ==== Creating a Quote Tab ==== Quote tabs can only be created after [[admi... abs|general tabs]] are created. To create a quote tab: - Go to **Setup** > **Quotes** > **Custom Qu... d New**. \\ A new page is displayed. - Select a tab from the **Tab Name** dropdown list. \\ The **Tab Name** dropdown list shows all existing general tabs, including the ones you created. - In the **
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** and **Custom Fields**.\\ The **Custom Fields** tab contains all [[adminhelp:usersadministration:user... custom_fields|user custom fields]]. ==== General Tab ==== On the **General tab**, you define general i... n page, click **Save & Go Back**. ==== Address Tab ==== On the **Address** tab, you define the conta... plains each field displayed under the **Address** tab.\\ ^**Field**^**Description**^ |**Address(1)**|Th
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* The number of pages on the **Solution Design** tab is not saved for a user and a quote, so each time... or the configurator from the **Solution Design** tab, 10 items are displayed in the section structure.... a single quotation mark is inserted in the custom tab name for **My Quotes**, **Other Quotes** and **Wa... nce sections are added in the **Solution Design** tab. * The scrollbar is missing from the **Current
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to your business needs.\\ ====Creating a General Tab==== General tabs are invisible until you use them in product configuration or in quote tab creation. To create a general tab:\\ - Go to **Setup**... d. - Click **Add New**. - Enter a name of the tab in **Tab name**. \\ Tab system Id is automatically created based on the tab name you entered. - Enter the rank in **Default tab rank**. \\ The defi
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calculated.\\ - **When a user is on quotation tab** - when a user is on a particular tab in the quote. As soon as a user clicks on the particular tab, SAP CPQ executes the scripts specified for the tab. When the user clicks **Save** on this tab, the scripts specified for the tab are executed. The e... quote to **Sent to Customer**.\\ - **On Quote Tab Changed** - when moving to a quote tab (e.g. a sc
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specific characteristic group, which is a product tab in SAP CPQ. Attributes retain the same layout ord... xception of attributes appearing in more than one tab. Those attributes do not retain their original po... lobally defined, which means that any change to a tab name in SAP CPQ will affect all the products in which the tab is included. </note>\\ ---- **Example**: In SAP CPQ, there is a **Hardware** tab. The
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