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r and owner data, etc.). ==== General Tags ==== ^ Tag ^ Description ^ |%%<<Q_QUOTE(NUMBER)>>%% | Quote ... |Retrieves NRC quote total net price. Use the CTX tag to retrieve the MRC total net price: %%<<Q_TAG(<*... . To retrieve a different date, specify it in the tag (for example, %%<<Q_QUOTE(VALID_UNTIL+45)>>%% ret... rrent day). For different date formats, use a CTX tag (for example, <*CTX(Date.AddDays(20).Format(yyyy-
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.\\ Below is the outline of the structure of a C2 tag. You can copy/paste the structure in your templat... ch be displayed in a separate row.</note> \\ A C2 tag can optionally have four sections (header, main i... r is displayed only once at the beginning of a C2 tag. You should add only Q tags inside the header bec... n each page.</note> ==== Main Items ==== The main tag retrieves all main items in a quote (there should
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name of the used language is inserted inside the tag. Eg. ''<nowiki><code java></nowiki>'' or ''<nowik
Conditions: 15 Hits
ection is displayed or not. On the left side is a tag whose value will be compared and on the right sid... tatic text or tables or tags [CONDITION_END]. * tag-dependent conditions - create a condition by adding :CONDITION() to a tag (for example, %%<<QUOTE_ITEMS:CONDITION([EQ](<*CTX(Quote.CurrentItem.Produc... n and line items, header and footer).\\ \\ ====== Tag Conditions ====== Tag conditions can be applied t
C Tags: 14 Hits
cesses C tags only if they are within C2 tags.\\ ^Tag^Description^ |%%<<C_TAG()>>%%|The basic C tag. Add any modeling tag (CTX tag, table tag, etc.) in the parenthesis.| |%%<<C_TAG_FILE()>>%%|Retrieves a... items with cart IDs 5.1 and 5.2, for example, the tag retrieves 6 and 7 as items' ID.| |%%<<C_VALUE(Rol... lank.| |%%<<C_PATTR()>>%%|Takes any product level tag (for example, <*Value(AttributeName)*>) and retri
Custom Table Tags: 12 Hits
LE(...)>>%%|Always comes in pair with its closing tag %%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_END>>%%. As a parameter, this tag accepts the name of the custom table. (for example, %%<<CUSTOM_TABLE(additional_options_custom_tab... _HEADER>>%%|Always comes in pair with its closing tag %%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_HEADER_END>>%%. This tag does no... BLE_ROW>>%%|Always comes in pair with its closing tag %%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_ROW_END>>%%. This tag defines th
Tags to display data from custom table: 12 Hits
..)>>%%** - Always comes in pair with its closing tag **%%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_END>>%%**. As a parameter, this tag accepts a custom table name. (e.g. <<CUSTOM_TABLE(additional_options_custom_table)>>) \\ **%%<... DER>>%%** - Always comes in pair with its closing tag **%%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_HEADER_END>>%%**. This tag doe... ROW>>%%** - Always comes in pair with its closing tag **%%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_ROW_END>>%%**. This tag define
Action Tags: 11 Hits
====== Action Tags ====== ^**Tag **^**Description **^**Result **^ |**<*allowatt(standard attribute nam... gn date to an attribute of type **Date** via this tag, you should use <*ASSIGNVALUE(TestDate:<*CTX( Dat... user format to the US format when the AssignValue tag is used. If the user's date format is set to anyt... e value will be assigned incorrectly. </note> ^**Tag **^**Description **^**Result **^ |**<*assignpc(at
Nested Products Tags: 11 Hits
side parent MAIN tags. The first main item in the tag structure can be any root item from the quote whi... atisfies the condition. All main tags inside that tag will act as children items. Furthermore, there can be a child main tag inside a child main tag, and so on. Main tags should be marked with a number a... ieving nested products, the %%<<CONDITION_END>>%% tag is not required.</note> ==== Examples ==== ==
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in the XML as long as it stays within the Action tag and includes the same elements. \\ After the pe... correctly, an OK will be included within a RESULT tag. If it failed to complete the action, a NOK wil... reason it failed will be included within a REASON tag. In addition, the status the function attempted t... nge the quote to will be included within a STATUS tag. \\ ==== Invalid XML Characters ==== If any of
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====== CTX Tags ====== CTX tag should be formed in a standard way: \\ **<***CTX(parameter)***>** \\ ... s. Properties are terminals – this means that CTX tag param may end with it. \\ In short this is the C... PDF, DOCX) of generated document. \\ \\ **Date** tag returns current date/time. \\ Date/Time fields have optional Format child tag. It expects format string in argument that affects the way value is sh
Document Generation Tips and Tricks: 7 Hits
m in the template. * Do not switch fonts in one tag. * Always use the same font for tags within on... am. * Make sure to add a new line after each C2 tag (press ENTER on your keyboard). * If there are ... acter at the end of the section. * If Q_QP_FILE tag is found inside the text (paragraph), the file wi... hat paragraph, not inside the paragraph where the tag was placed. This is applicable for all tags that
Set Configuration based on XML: 7 Hits
that you have already defined. For this purpose, tag **<*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*>** has been ... ced. \\ **<*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*>** tag \\ The tag accepts xml as an input string parame... ss any attribute. \\ Besides standard usage, the tag can be used through Iron Python scripting as well... \\ Since the <*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*> tag does not support setting multiple attribute value
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