Customer Quote Collaboration and Acceptance


This feature gives ability to sales people to send an email to a customer with a link taking them to a quote (customer does not have to be a CPQ user). Customer is able to view the quote (document or shopping cart), accept or reject the quote, request changes, etc. Users (sales people) are notified when the customer is viewing the quote, which can assist with timing their follow up.

Link to the proposal that is sent to the customer contains a security token. This token is used to authorize access to the proposal quote so that only customers who have received the proposal invitation email have permission to see the quote.

How to set up

In order to use “Customer Quote Collaboration and Acceptance” some modeling things needs to be done:

  1. Set up Electronically Guest user and application parameters
  2. Set up for XSLT for electronically guest user group
  3. Set up workflow

Set up user that will be used for Quote Acceptance and application parameters for show/hide generated document on cart

Web users that will follow the link to the proposal will inherit the permissions from the user that is set in Setup ⇒ Quotes ⇒ Email Customers / Quote Acceptance Settings → Electronic Quote Acceptance Parameters.

In order to disable access to the proposals for web users, you need to leave 'User used for Quote Acceptance' blank.

On this page, there are two app parameters that determine what will be displayed when user clicks on link in email.

  • Show Generated Document On View Proposal
  • Show Quote On View Proposal

If first app parameter is set to “Yes”, link for downloading proposal will be shown on the top of the page when user clicks on link from email. If second is set to “Yes”, whole quote will be displayed on a page.

Set up for XSLT for guest user group

Go to Setup ⇒ Users ⇒ User Groups and pick user group where previously selected electronically guest users belongs to. Edit user group data and set “Quote_With_Proposal” for Visual Style (Shopping Cart/Quote).

Set up workflow

Following actions should be available for user group:

  • View Proposal
  • Accept Proposal
  • Reject Proposal
  • Propose Changes
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