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 +====== Interface For Accepting Users From External Site to CPQ ======
 +Trough Interface page users are allowed to access CPQ from external site. Interface page accepts parameters trough query string or submitted form. Below is predefined list of parameters that can be passed:
 +  * **cpqdomain** - domain name. If user hasn’t been previously logged in (even as a guest user), user will be attempted to login as guest user to the specified domain.
 +  * **cpqmarket** - market code. that was passed as parameter. If user was previously logged in and the quote is not loaded to the session, this page will override the previous market. If market isn’t available to the user or quote is loaded to the session with another market default market will be loaded.
 +  * cpqdict - dictionary name. If user was previously logged in, this page will override the previous dictionary. If dictionary isn’t available to the user default dictionary will be loaded.
 +  * **cpqPid** - CPQ product id
 +  * **cpqCid** - CPQ category id
 +  * **cpqFirstPage** - Available options for this parameter are CONFIG, CATALOG and QUOTES. User will be redirected to the first page set by parameter. If the first page is CONFIG ,based on the product and category id that were passed as arguments, appropriate product will be loaded. If the product/category are not visible to the user or they don’t exist, user will be redirected to the first page of the catalog. If the cpqFirstPage parameter is CATALOG, user will be redirected to the catalog with the specified category id. If first page is QUOTES user will be redirected to existing quotes.
 +  * CPQ Interface supports attributes to be passed as key value pairs of AttributeName and AttributeValueCode. For example if you want to set value "Red" to product Color attribute you will specify paramter Color=Red. If user wants to load the product (either simple or configurable) and the product doesn’t belong  to the item in the quote, attributes of the loaded product will be set based on the arguments that were passed to CPQ Interface.
 +  * **cpqNewQuote** - If this parameter is set to YES and user has loaded the quote, quote will be unloaded. Default behavior is that the current quote (loaded in the session) is maintained.
 +  * **cpqNewSession** - If this parameter is sent through URL, then guest user will be logged off in case it is already logged in. For example, to be sure that the guest user is logged off each time site visitor clicks on one of three links on try it live page on our website, this parameter is passed, and each time previous userEnvironment is destroyed before new guest user is logged in.
 +Here is the example link:
 +Following link logs user to DemoTenant domain (if use was not previously logged in) and sets Europe market and US English dictionary. Since first page is set to CONFIG interface page will redirect user to configurator,load product with specified id and sets its Color attribute to Red and Width attribute to 100.
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