Social Networks in Product Pages


This feature gives ability to include Facebook product review widget into product details page. This will facilitate product reviews, engagement as well as create a buzz about your products.

See demo :

How to set up

In order to show Facebook product review widget in your product details page, you need first to define the product details template. For information how to do that, please see Product Details Templates. In Products to Product Details Templates Mappings you may see how you can associate products with the template that you've just created.

When defining/editing product details template, in order to use Facebook widget, expand the 'Widgets' element on the right-hand side of the screen and drag 'Facebook Comments Box' to the template panel. You will be able to define several properties for the widget :

  • Label - this will be the label displayed to the user for the widget's header
  • Application ID - this is the ID of the application in Facebook where comments are sent from widgets. By default, CPQ provides 'Product Reviews' application ID. However, you may change that to the ID of your Facebook application.
  • Rank - every element dropped to the panel has the rank associated with it. Elements with lower rank are displayed first.
  • Styles tab - on the second tab you can define HTML properties of the widget such as Border color, width, height, css class etc.

Facebook Comments Box widget can be mixed with other elements (Attributes, Product Properties and HTML) when creating product details templates

After you've saved the template and associated at least one product with this template, you may go to the catalog and find the product that is using this template. If you click on 'View Details', you will be presented with the product details page that contains Facebook Comments Box widget.

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